Bathroom Space Heater Energize You Taking A Bath

A bathroom space heater may not be at the top of everyone’s list of priorities but if you have to know the advantage of this tool, you will regret that you don’t have one at your bathroom.

bathroom space heater

bathroom space heater

Bathroom is not the warmest place in the house and it is also one of the places that you usually wear the least amount of clothing. So it’s only natural that you would want to make this room a bit warmer than the rest of the house. The perfect way to do this is with applying bathroom space heaters. These heaters come in a variety of sizes and shapes, colors and styles.

Types of Bathroom Space Heaters

There are several types of space heaters that you could use in a bathroom setting. Most plug directly into a standard 110 volt outlet and require just a little bit of floor space to effectively heat the room. Some are mounted within the walls or ceiling and still others are hidden beneath the floor. The first type of heater is a quartz heater.

Quartz heaters are one of the simplest ways to heat a bathroom. They’re small economical and fairly safe. They work by the principle of radiant heat which means that they warm the objects in the room instead of the air. This quality makes these heaters more economical to run that other types of bathroom space heaters. Quartz radiant heaters are also usually small and portable so when you’re not using it in the bathroom you could tote it into the next room to keep your feet warm while you watch the latest re-runs on cable.

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space heater

space heater

The second type of heater would be a permanently mounted ceiling or wall heater. These usually come in the form of a heat lamp or “forced convection heater”.  A heat lamp is really just a very easily replaceable quartz infrared heater. A heat lamp works well as a bathroom heater because it gets the heat source out of the way to maximize safety. It can also be hardwired into the houses electrical system and set to run on a timer further increasing the safety and energy efficiency feature inherent to these types of heaters.

“Forced convection heaters” work a little bit differently. These types of heaters rely on a fan to force the cool air to blow across an electric heating element. This type of bathroom space heaters works well when you want to heat a space very quickly. It is a little less energy-efficient as it not only uses electricity and heating element but also the fan. Like the heat lamp a forced convection heater can be hardwired into the homes electrical system and set on a timer. Also like the heat lamp this type of here is safer than the standard bathroom space heaters because it takes the heating element and puts on the ceiling away from towels clothing and other flammable items.

The previous two types of bathroom heaters are fairly economical to install and can be installed in existing bathroom without very much of a problem. The final type of bathroom space heaters is radiant floor heating; it requires a bit more forethought and installation effort. While radiant floor heating requires a more difficult installation the rewards are greater as well imagine walking into your bathroom on a cold winter morning to find that the tile floor was a perfect 72°. This type of heating takes the efficiency of radiant heat the safety of installed heating system and combines them to make the perfect bathroom space heater.

Now back to that whole installation thing in floor radiant heat requires hardwiring into the homes electrical system, usually a dedicated circuit and electrical panel, completely new floor that is compatible with in floor radiant heat and usually a licensed installer to go with it. If none of these things scare you away and in floor radiant heat is absolutely the way to go for bathroom space heaters.

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Wall heater for bathroom

Wall heater for bathroom

There are several advantages of using the wall heaters of bathroom, by using a bathroom space heater, when you shower, you will feel warm when the temperature is very cold in your place. So you will not feel lazy to take a bath. The cold temperature around you, especially when the rainy season, is not impossible when you are too lazy to take a bath. It is because the water is usually very cold in the bathroom. But, with the bathroom heater you should not be afraid with the cold water. In addition, with this bathroom heater you also can feel a warm sensation when the shower so that your mind and your load will be slightly lighter. And you’ll come back refreshed and fit again.

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