Best Paint Colors For Bathrooms

In a main bathroom where the most personal grooming takes place it’s important to have a light, bright space. A lot of this can be achieved with the proper lighting but it’s also important to use the right best paint colors for bathrooms.

White Red Paint Bathroom Color Idea

White Red Paint Bathroom Color Idea

List of Best Paint Colors for Bathrooms

In a bathroom it’s always safe to go with light neutrals. Creams, taupe, and beiges in light shades will always work no matter what size the bathroom. They’re easy on the eye and tend to be relaxing and soothing. Here are some other best paint colors for bathrooms:

White – It’s clean, it’s bright, and it’s simple: white bathrooms are classic and fresh and are always a safe option. If all white seems a bit boring, dress it up with colorful accessories like towels, bathmats, and vases of fresh flowers.

Grey Bathroom Colors

Grey Bathroom Colors

Grey – While not the first color people think of for bathrooms, light grey is sophisticated, elegant, and is great for urban and contemporary homes. To help keep it light and bright pair it with white accessories and fittings.

Light blue – Blue has a calming effect and with its ties to water it’s ideally suited to the bathroom. A soft pastel shade paired with white fittings and trim has a summery, cape cod-like feeling.

Sage – Light sage paired with white, gray or silver adds a slightly glam look to this utilitarian room. When it’s paired with wood vanities or shelving it takes on an outdoorsy, natural look.

Yellow – Nothing says bright like yellow. Be sure to use soft shades though because strong lemony yellows can cast a yellow glow over everything – including your skin when you’re trying to apply makeup.

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Lavender – Lavender paired with white has a feminine and slightly glamorous feeling. Too keep it from looking too girly pair it with gray, or even black.

Experimenting with color can be fun but the bathroom might not be the place to do it. Using strong colors can sometimes cause unwanted reflections. For instance, a bathroom painted dark red or orange can make things appear rosier than they really are. In a room where personal grooming takes place and where safety is a top priority, maximizing light and reducing shadows is important. If you want to experiment with bold or dark colors, try doing it in a powder room or guest bath where these kinds of things don’t really take place.

Blue Bathroom Paint Colors

Blue Bathroom Paint Colors

Best paint colors for bathrooms will appear when you pay attention to some these items. It’s important in a bathroom not to use too many colors. Because they’re often small, bathrooms can become visually cluttered when there’s too much going on. Keep the bathroom paint colors light and if you feel you need a pop of bold color do it with the accessories.

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