Bathroom Remodel Ideas On A Budget

A properly remodeled bathroom offers more than just comfort to the homeowner. Home improvements in the bathroom and kitchen consistently offer the biggest returns on the investment. Further you can increase your rate of return by investing in low-cost, high-impact improvements in your bathrooms. Below are some bathroom remodel ideas on a budget.

Cheap Chic Bathroom

Cheap Chic Bathroom

The first idea is by painting your bathroom. Paint is an affordable, quick and highly visible way to change the look of a room. Remove peeling paint, and use a paint primer if necessary. Home Decorating Coach, an interior design site, recommends using light yellows and blues to create a calm atmosphere. Consider having an accent wall that is a complementary color to the color on the other walls. On a color wheel, complementary colors are directly opposite from one another. For example, purple and green are complementary colors. Paint three walls sage and one wall lavender. If there is wallpaper on the walls that you no longer wish to have, take care to remove wallpaper as gently as possible. Improper wallpaper removal can result in damaged walls.

To have bathroom remodel ideas on a budget, light fixtures are things you should consider. Lighting is an important part of any room and it is particularly important for the bathroom. In addition to wanting a bathroom to have a clean, open feel, proper lighting is necessary for certain activities related to personal care. Plucking eyebrows, applying make-up and shaving are all activities that require appropriate lighting. Select fixtures that are complementary to the overall theme in the bathroom and strategically place them in areas, near mirrors for example, that make practical sense. To save money without forsaking style, select a vintage theme and purchase light fixtures in good condition at flea markets, estate sales and other venues that allow for bargaining. Such places are also good resources to find light fixtures for classic themes. It is suggested to select a simple light fixture, timeless pieces that are sturdy and in good condition.

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Modern Marble

Modern Marble

Water fixtures are the next things you must think of. Rusted or outdated water fixtures are an eyesore and a nuisance. Purchase new faucets and fixtures with a theme in mind. Consider the look of the light fixtures, tile and other prominent features of the bathroom before making a final selection on the water fixtures. In addition to aesthetics, usefulness is an issue. A detachable showerhead with a hose, for example, is an easy do-it-yourself upgrade that can be found at most home improvement stores. If you are contemplating new sink fixtures, consider getting a new vanity as well so that there is no style clash. Home Improvement and Financing, a homeowner advice site, suggests purchasing a vanity that offers storage but does not take up too much space. Hardware stores, home improvement stores and flea markets are all possible places to purchase reasonably priced water fixtures and vanities.

Samples of Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget

There are many ways to remodel bathroom on a tight budget. One thing you should remember that remodeling bathroom on a budget does not mean that you always change your bathroom fixtures into new; you can do the remodeling project only by arranging your storage system inside your bathroom or only changing the position of your bathroom fixtures. Below are some samples of cheap remodeling ideas that you can use as bright source for your remodeling project.

The first sample is cheap chic bathroom. With a budget of $1, 600 and just two weeks, this upstate New York bathroom went from dreary to dreamy. To stay on budget, the homeowners purchased most materials from local home centers. They saved so much that they were able to splurge on wood-plank flooring. The prefinished cherry floor connects the bathroom to rooms throughout the home. The homeowners installed the floor themselves in just two nights.

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Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit

The second sample is how you can maximize your storage in your bathroom; we call it as a perfect fit bathroom. Storage space is an important part of any bathroom. The new vanity features pullout storage shelves behind beaded-board-panel doors. The homeowners designed the vanity to fit between the bathtub and the wall.

Modern marble is the other sample of cheap remodeling ideas. White marble replaced a black-and-white tile bathtub surround. At $375, the marble tile was the biggest budget item in the bathroom. The lower portion of the bathtub was covered in white wainscoting to create unity throughout the bathroom.

When you meet a condition that you need bathroom remodel ideas on a budget, you should consider that you do not need to always change your bathroom fixtures, but how to make your bathroom look new without spending too much money.

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