luxury shower remodel

Shower Remodel

Bathroom is perhaps the most important part of any home. Because of that, you have to remodel every part of it, especially the shower to make it attractive, enjoyable, and very comfortable anytime you get it to it. Shower remodeling is a great fun and there are many small shower remodeling ideas that you can choose from.

Whenever you want to remodel your shower you have to be very careful in the choice, you make because this is not a job you would be doing every time. If the job is well done, it would always give you pleasure and satisfaction, and it is going to last for a very long time. Because of this, you must avoid doing any amateur job when you want to remodel your bathroom shower. It is important that you plan to achieve a dream renovation.

Research has shown that relaxing, efficient, and comfortable bathroom showers have unique benefits to the mind as well as the body. Because of that, you have to research extensively to discover the best shower remodeling ideas. Perhaps you can start by asking the experts.

Shower Remodeling Ideas

There are various kinds of remodeling ideas you can select from ranging from the utilitarian shower type to the most opulent. You can make your budget based on what you want to achieve. If you on budget, you can choose those acrylic ready-made enclosures which may not cost much to install, or if you like you can opt for the solid granite slab walk in shower. This would demand a significant investment of funds. However, you are going to like it, because of the multiple water features and so on.

However, before you make your final decisions of the best shower remodeling ideas you want, there are some salient issues to resolve. These can assist you in the decision taking process.

  1. First, and foremost, you have to consider the type of features you want to include in the design. If you want universal design features. It would be a great idea because it would make the showers attractive and more user-friendly. However, you must consider the issue of cost.
  2. Secondly, if you are interested in a particular theme, you have to decide whether the shower design you want must coordinate with the design theme. This may attract extra cost, especially if it is an expensive theme.
  3. Thirdly, you have to determine the type of shower you want in your home. Some people may prefer a hand shower. Others may prefer a fixed shower, while many could opt for both. You have to make a decision about this, and consider the cost implication of each choice you make.
  4. Fourthly, consider bath necessities such as shampoo bottles and others. You have to decide how to construct your shower to accommodate those necessities. Some people could decide to build-in wall niches for such accessories like a shampoo bottle and others.
  5. Moreover, decide whether you want a glass enclosure during the remodeling and the style of the enclosure you want. If your shower is small, you may decide to enlarge it. The way you remodel your shower can actually improve its resale value. You have to know all these before you begin with the project.
  6. If you have taste, you may want your shower area to have a built-in seat. If you like, you can add a wall mounted seat. Most importantly, it may be necessary to determine whether you want a shower without maintenance grout and so on.

Related Issue of Shower Remodel

These are the most pertinent issues you have to resolve before you embark on the project. All these would determine the type of money you are to budget for the project. Because of the abundance of options available to you, and the fact that the project could be capital intensive, it is recommended that you consult experts and shower remodeling specialists to guide you.


Longevity issue is very important in all these. Modestly priced showers can last you for some years and they include acrylic kit showers as well as cultured marble showers. You can see many of them in tract homes. These are modestly priced and they can serve you for some years. However, you should know that they would eventually begin to deteriorate. If you want acrylic showers, they are available in standard sizes. This can be a problem because it can limit the choices you make. If you choose any other type of shower, you can easily customize it to suit the available spaces you have in your home.

Shower Tile

Tile is another important issue that you have to look at. The remodeling is done using some type of tile such as subway tile, traditional 4 by 4 tile, stone tile, ceramic tile, as well as porcelain tile and so on. Tile shower can be helpful if you make the right choice, as it can serve you for many years and it may not require constant maintenance.

The most innovative thing in shower remodel is the stone paneling product known as Forza Stone. Many people like this newer product because it can serve two purposes, which include natural stone and solid panel. It makes for strength and prevents leakages. When you use it, you no longer need to maintain your grout.

Universal Design Features

Most importantly, you must not ignore universal design features. Such features are shower design, size, shower control placements, width of the entry, seating and several others. Universal design is very important because it can eliminate the curb at the entry. This is good for user’s safety as it prevents tripping and adds to the overall beauty and value of the shower. These features are very important and that is why they should never be ignored as they make the shower to be more beautiful and functional as well. It can serve the taste of many people irrespective of their abilities and ages.

Shower is one of the biggest investments you can make in your home. Because of this, you must consider these small bathroom ideas when you want to remodel your existing shower. It will be better if you engage the services of remodeling experts to advise or guide you through the process. You are going to reap the benefit for a long time.