Beach Themed Bathroom Fresh Your Bathroom Look

Do  you feel that your bathroom is out of dated? Do you feel your bathroom need to change the theme? Do you want to have more fresh bathroom look? Why don’t you put beach theme in your bathroom?

What do you feel when you are in a beach? You will see a blue sea and blue sky with wonderful waves. You can feel how winds touch your skin and fresh your body and mind. You will see a lot of seashell and sand, which beautify the views. Imagine if those beautiful views come to your bathroom. You will exactly get a fresh bathroom look and you will stay in y our bathroom in long hours because you feel a high quality comfort.

Beach Theme Bathroom DesignBeach Theme Bathroom Design

How to make beach themed bathroom?

The first thing you can do is to choose beach colors to beautify your bathroom. Choose natural colors and textures of the seashore. You can choose various blues of the ocean and sky, yellows of the sun, tan/ beige/ whites of the sand, greens of the seaweed and palm trees as well as pinks and oranges for the color of beautiful sunsets, frangipani’s and seashells.

If you do not have much money to paint your wall, you can choose a beach themed shower curtain. There are many designs and styles of beach themed shower curtains. You can choose shower curtain with a picture of beach with its blue sky and blue sea, or shower curtain with pictures of seashell.

kids beach themed bathroomkids beach themed bathroom

Then you need to consider the water. If you are on a good beach, the classic type of beach, the water is aqua, a smooth blue green. This shade of aqua can be used together with the blue or stand-alone. If you are looking for the ultimate luxury for your bathroom, you can replace your showerhead with an enveloping rain showerhead. You will feel as if you are standing under a cascade of tropical rain. In addition, if you close your eyes, you can make yourself believe that you are in Hawaii’s beaches.

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To complete the feel of beach themed bathroom, you can put some fixtures with full of beach theme. Some accessories, which you can put in your bathroom, are shell mirror frame, wooden bath rack, cane laundry basket, sea sponges, glass bottle or vase filled with small shells, sea glass or sand, and beach themed toilet cover. You also can put hand soap with seashell shape.

Hmm, have you got all the items? Do you feel you are in a beach now? Have a nice relaxation in your beach themed bathroom!