Toilets For Small Bathrooms Update Your Bathroom Outlook

Small bathrooms are easier to design and maintain, especially with small toilets. That’s why using small toilets for small bathrooms are somewhat a bigger aid to a small bathroom set up. For one thing, even when used in a regular or big sized bathroom, small toilets look chic and hip. The current trend of interior design leans heavily on the minimalistic philosophy in all things. As such, a small toilet for small bathrooms would be perfectly beautiful, using today’s standards in interior design and layout.

Kohler Rialto ToiletKohler Rialto Toilet

Three types of small toilets for small bathrooms

Below are some options of small toilets suggested to you. These toilets do not only save your bathroom space, but also beautify the look of your bathroom.

The first option is corner toilet. As the name implies, this style of toilets fits right into any corner that you choose. It is a bid odd shaped compared to standard toilets but the shape gives the space saving quality. The corner toilet tank is formed in such a manner that it fits snugly into the corner of your bathroom. It requires no special plumbing and hook up is the same as for a regular toilet.

Small bathroom toiletSmall bathroom toilet

The second option is toilet and sink lid combos. This type of toilet does not only save the space but gives a unique look to your bathroom because of this unusual design. Whoever came up with this innovation has to be getting a round of applause from anyone who lives in limited space. This toilet was designed by Japanese, this small space toilet lid actually has a small sink built into the top for the purpose of hand washing. When you flush this little wonder, it forces water up through the tap in the sink. The water empties back into the bowl and the water shuts off automatically.

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Small toiletSmall toilet

The third option is a wall hung toilet that is totally perfect solution to small space toilets. The tank is actually hidden within the wall and the bottom of the unit is above the floor, manipulating the eye into believing the space is actually larger than it really is. This type of toilet is best installed by a professional because it requires special framing and plumbing.

Well, those three small toilets for small bathrooms suggestion hopefully give you fresh ideas to arrange your small bathroom. Those also give proof that small does not always mean crowded and cramped. By having appropriate small toilets, you still can have small bathrooms with beautiful look.