Choosing The Best Children’s Bathroom Accessories

Kid bathroom accessoriesKid bathroom accessories

Children’s bathroom accessories come in various shapes and designs. The most common of bathroom accessories that children like are towels, shower curtains, soap dishes and tooth brush holders. The accessories usually come in funny shapes and colorful designs in order to satisfy the imagination of children’s world.

Requirements for Choosing the Best Children’s Bathroom Accessories

Children who are lucky enough to have their own bathroom will be excited to complete their bathroom with their favorite accessories. However, parents must be careful in choosing the accessories to get a good product and safety for the kids.

The first requirement that parents should remember is avoiding to use breakable accessories. Parents must also put the accessories in easily accessible place for them to decrease the accident in the bathroom.

Towels are the most favorite accessories for children. It is suggested to choose bright fun towels with children’s favorite designs, patterns, and cartoon characters. You have to make sure the towels and other bath garments for your kids must be in the best quality fabrics to ensure the children’s sensitive skin are well taken care of. Choose fabrics that made from 100% cotton to organic materials to get soft, safe, and gentle products.

Toilet Seat for childrenToilet Seat for children

The next requirement is you have to choose products that can create bath time more like playtime in order to make the children feel comfort to bathe. If they feel comfort, it is easier to promote proper hygiene in children. When choosing bathroom accessories for children, you do not only choose products that satisfy your children’s will, but also pass all safety standards released by the health department.

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You also have to consider in choosing the material of your children’s bathroom. Choose smaller size of tiles if you want to use tiles in your children’s bathroom. By using this type of tiles, you can prevent your children fall down in the bathroom because the tiles are less slippery. If you want to put a vanity in your children’s bathroom, make sure that you lower the vanity 24 inches or so for easy access. You can also put stepping stool to help the children can easily reach the sink and you do not need to remodel the vanity when your kids grow up.

If you want to choose a shower faucet for your children, choose one with anti-scald devices and built-in temperature in order to make your children get the best water temperature. When selecting faucets and handles, make sure they are easy to use and have rounded edges. You also have to pay attention of the electrical switches and lighting fixtures installation in your kids’ bathroom. make sure that your children can not reach them. Lighting fixtures, receptacles and electrical switches are required to be grounded and protected with a ground-fault circuit interrupter (these are also referred to as a GFCI).

Types of Children’s Bathroom Accessories

Below are some options of bathroom accessories for your children.

Tub Spout Covers – choose a colorful and funny covers that match the theme of your children’s bathroom. You can also introduce animals to your children by choosing animal designs tub spout covers.

Bubbles – everyone, especially children, love bubbles. Nothing says bath time fun than bubbles. You can choose some products from Mr. Bubble that has been an American favorite for 50 years. Fizzy bubble bomb is one of their products that offer bubbles and colors your children bath water.

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Unique Kids Bath AccessoriesUnique Kids Bath Accessories

Hooded Towels – add a little extra something to the bathroom and a little extra fun for who’s wearing them. Hooded towels with monster picture are the most favorite for children.

Bath Crayons – kids always love drawing on the walls. Crayola can be a great choice for children to draw on bathroom walls. Body doodler set is another option for your children to draw on themselves. When bath time is over, everything just washes down the drain.

Safety tubs– safety does not mean boring and institutional. Now you can get many functional children’s bathroom tub but safety and entertaining. You can choose princess castle or fire truck tub for your children and let their imagination grows up.

Children’s bathroom accessories will help your children to have their bathing session more comfortable. That’s why you have to help them to get the best accessories for them from the functionality side and safety side.