Magazine Racks For Bathroom

Bathroom Magazine RackBathroom Magazine Rack

Bathroom is the most comfortable private place for some people. That’s why many people love spending much time in their bathroom. They do not only do their bathing session, but also do some private activities that they think it will be more comfortable to do in the bathroom. The most common private activities, which are often done by most people in the bathroom, are singing, listening to music and reading. If you are kind of person who likes reading in a bathroom, you exactly needs magazine racks for bathroom.

Magazine racks are designed to place some magazines in order not to be scattered around the floor. Many various types and designs of bathroom magazine racks are available. Some racks are made from metal, lethal and also wood. They also come in many color choices which you can match with your bathroom decor. You also can choose the rack that fits with your pocket.

Types of Magazine Racks for Bathroom

Magazine racks perhaps have simple functionality; to keep your magazines neat. However, it does not mean they do not have aesthetics value. They come in various designs that can beautify and update your bathroom look.

The first option is magazine racks on walls. They are the most convenient as it can be mounted on any area that is easily accessible. With its compact feature, it saves a lot of storage space making it a good solution to small sized bathrooms.

The second option is floor mounted freestanding magazine racks. They are mostly available in large and bulky sizes and are intended for large bathrooms. It is a reliable home organizer as it can hold series of magazines and other essentials such as soaps, hairpins, stacks of towels and several others. However, due to its size, it costs more and requires much space.

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Magazine Rack with Tissue HolderMagazine Rack with Tissue Holder

The third option is tank mounted bathroom magazine racks. They are the least expensive on the list and probably the easiest to install as you can just directly hang it on the tank. However with this set up, magazines and various kits will somehow be hard to reach when needed. And since mounting is dependent on the tank, these racks tend to be small and could not hold many items and bathroom supplies.

The last option is towel and magazine racks. They are the largest in size among the featured racks. These types of magazine racks stand several feet high and are specifically designed to hold drying towels and other linens. Also, the lower part of a towel rack is usually reserved for newspapers and magazines.

Wood Magazine RackWood Magazine Rack

Magazine racks for bathroom are essential fixtures you should have if you love reading in your bathroom. They will give a new look of your bathroom and also hold your magazines in order not to be scattered.