Mini Chandeliers For Bathrooms Update The Elegance Of A Bathroom

Antique Bathroom ChandelierAntique Bathroom Chandelier

Bathroom is a place where we want to relieve our stress after long work days. Therefore, since bathroom becomes another place for you to refresh and relax, it is recommended for you to make your bathroom a perfect place with a great atmosphere. To create a relaxing atmosphere, but unique and elegant, you can install mini chandeliers for bathrooms.

Different from common chandeliers that are usually installed onto the ceiling of your living room, this type of chandeliers come into smaller package. Although it is mini, but its beauty and appeal is not too different than common chandeliers. Mini chandeliers, also called chandeletes, are usually less than 12 inches in diameter. This small type of chandelier lighting will provide excellent accents to your bathrooms look stand apart.

This chandeliers are usually created in various styles, models and shapes. However, most of this chandeliers will typically resemble Victorian since this type of ceiling decorating ideas is firstly brought out decades ago. Therefore, it is no denying that the original characteristic of chandeliers is elegant and traditional. Now, the chandeliers has developed in various style, and you can easily find many types and models, not only Victorian style, you can also purchase modern and contemporary chandeliers.

To get the best chandeliers for your bathroom, you have to look at these following basic tips before deciding to purchase one. First of all, you must check the numbers of light of the chandelier, so you can calculate the light that can possibly be emitted from it. You must also check the wattage of the chandeliers. Secondly, you have to make sure about the type of the bulbs that are compatible with the mini chandeliers. Third, it would be great if you choose an energy efficient chandelier so you can save more money. Then you can consider the most suitable model and style that fits your existing bathroom theme. Lastly, you have to consider the weight as well so the installing process will be much easier for you later.

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The Consideration in Choosing Mini Chandeliers for Bathrooms

There are a wide variety of things to take into consideration before purchasing a mini chandelier or any type of chandelier lights. Some considerations are ceiling height, room size, color, size, crystal, style, and of course price. Below you can read some reasons you need to consider before purchasing a mini chandelier for your bathroom.

bathroom chandeliersbathroom chandeliers

The first thing you should consider is your bathroom ceiling height. You have to find locations in your bathroom where the ceiling is at just right height to avoid long chains and still allow the mini chandelier to put off adequate light.

The second thing is your bathroom size. Whereas mini chandeliers are usually less than 12 inches in diameter, you do not want to place one of these in the middle of a large bathroom. The size of your bathroom determine the size of mini chandelier that will apply in it. Moreover, bay windows make an excellent place for mini chandeliers. Many times people will place one centered on each window, with the center chandelier setting a few inches higher than the other two.

The third thing you should think of is the color choice of your mini chandelier. Your mini chandelier should be a contrasting color from the wall color. If you have white walls, with white curtains a white chandelier is just going to blend in with the rest of the decor. This does not mean you have to choose black or another dark finish, instead you can find a warm tone such as a silver, nickel or rose finish. Another option is to match the lamp to decorative pieces you already have. For example: if you have a lot of plants in your living room, choosing a complementary color like a yellow or blue would be a good choice, or you can choose a contrasting color such as red, purple or orange.

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The fourth thing is size of mini chandelier. A mini chandelier can vary in size from 3 inches to 20 inches, depending upon the manufacturers’ description of “mini”. As a beautiful accessory to a bathroom mirror or vanity, one could use up to five 3 inch mini chandeliers. Each one could match each other, or you could have five different colors in the same mini chandelier model. Each mini chandelier could be at an equal height or the center could be the highest point while the rest trail downward slightly.

Blue Bathrom ChandeliersBlue Bathroom Chandeliers

Crystal is the next thing you can consider. It is the most popular form of chandeliers. It is beautiful and elegant. Many suggest placing crystal chandeliers in front of windows so that even when they are not turned on they can reflect the beautiful prisms across the walls. Another excellent placement for crystal mini chandeliers is in front of mirrors.  However, if you are not too interested in crystal, there are at least fourteen different styles of mini chandeliers. Traditional, Early American, Asian, Art Deco, Mission, Victorian and Old World are a few of the mini chandelier styles, each with different features.  The best way to determine which style suits you and your house the best is by visiting various websites and view what they have classified under the various styles.

The next consideration thing is about price. Depending on the size and materials mini chandeliers can be found for as little as $60 when on clearance. However, most often mini chandeliers range anywhere from $100 – $1,000. Simple elegant mini chandeliers with few decorative features typically are in the $100 – $200 range. If you really like crystal, you must be prepared to spend a little more.

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After considering some things above, it is time for you to determine which mini chandelier will apply to your bathroom. Mini chandeliers for bathrooms will update the look of bathrooms to be more elegant and luxurious.