Cottage Style Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanity Cottage StyleBathroom Vanity Cottage Style

Cottage style bathroom can be your optional if you think modern style can be outdated one day or if you consider Victorian style is complicated enough. Cottage style bathroom is quite simple and looks elegant for your bathroom. The quickest way to change your bathroom look to Cottage style look is by putting Cottage style bathroom vanities in your bathroom.

The vanities may come in various shapes, colors, and designs, however white is usually favorite color for the vanities.

White Cottage Style Bathroom Vanities

All of bathroom style is intended to create a comfort place to relax, but no more comfort place to relax than cottage style bathroom. As we know, cottage is a place that designed for people to have some relaxation after long work hours or busy days. Some people go to cottage in countryside to get fresh air and relaxing condition. That is a reason why cottage style bathroom idea comes.

To complete the relaxation idea, cottage style bathroom usually uses white color for their look because white is clean and comfort.

Since white is a basic color for cottage style bathroom, many vanities that supports this style also come in white. The simple white vanities are clean without being cold, and can transport you to a place that is more cozy than couture while still being utterly stylish.

Cottage Style bathCottage Style bath

A white vanity can blend in easily with many existing decors; it can have a modern antique appearance. A fully white bathroom vanity consists of a painted wooden cabinet and a white marble stone top. A mirror framed in white wood may also accompany the ensemble. A fully white vanity, however, may appear too pale or too light and, in a room consisting of pastel shades, may not stand out. As several finishes or colors are available for the stone top, this vanity style can have some variation.

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There are many ways to make your white cottage style vanity looks different. If you want to keep the look of white wood but you think the traditional marble is too light for the ensemble, you could add some contrast to the bathroom vanity unit. You can try to pair the white bathroom vanity cabinet with a darker stone top. For example, you can match your white vanity with patchwork marble, a stone with a mottled gray and brown appearance. It will provide a clear but not sharp contrast. If you want a literal black-and-white look, you may consider going with granite instead.

Cottage Vanity UnitCottage Vanity Unit

If you like the look of white stone but are not too keen on painted wood, you can pair finished hardwood with light colored marble. Nearly fully white, the marble contrasts from any finished hardwood and still has a light appearance. The darker the finish, the more contrast the vanity will have. Hardwood cabinets with a lighter finish paired with the white marble offer a more subtle look. If the cabinets have a darker finish, the white marble may be more distinct in the decor of your space.

Cottage style bathroom vanities are the best choice for you to have a full relaxation by choosing the best color in your convenience.