Bathroom Heat Lamp Fixtures Warm Your Bath Session

Bathroom lamp fixtures needed to build a drama in your bathroom, while bathroom heat lamp fixtures will not only provide a drama, but also warm your bathroom.

Heat lamps are bulbs that have been designed to produce radiation in the infrared area of the spectrum, generating more heat than visible light. Often, the design of the lamp may include a red filter to cut down on the emission of visible light even more. Heat lamps are used in a wide variety of settings, especially for therapeutic purposes in the medical field, and they come in a number of different styles. Now they may be placed in bathrooms to provide warmth following a shower or bath. There are many types of bathroom heat lamps available.

Heat Lamp with Exhaust FanHeat Lamp with Exhaust Fan

The power that is used by a bathroom heat lamp can vary. Since the bulb is designed to get very hot, some special design considerations are involved. Plastic parts are usually not present on the lamp because they could melt, and the fixtures used with such lights should not also contain plastic. The heat lamp may also come with a metal cage or shield which will prevent accidental contact with the hot bulb.

The Advantages of Bathroom Heat Lamp Fixtures

Heat lamps provide instant heat and infrared light that is good for your body. Heat lamps also use very little energy and are waterproof. Heat lamps may be installed into the bathroom ceiling or free standing. Bathroom Heat Lamp indicates that some models come with a fan.

Fan Heaters in a bathroom take the air in the room and pass it over heating elements and then blow it back into the room ,  it then raising the temperature of the air. This also helps reduce the steam in the room by raising the ambient temperature closer to that of the hot water so it has an additional benefit. The heater can be positioned over the wall or door where the inlet ventilation is used to help reduce the cold effect of the air movement.

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Bathroom Heat Lamp FixturesBathroom Heat Lamp Fixtures

Heat lamps do not heat the air quickly, but instead rely on radiation to heat the surfaces of objects such as skin on the human body. Therefore they need to be placed high and centrally to reach all parts of the room where the person will be. They have the additional benefit of lighting the room as well. A heat lamp should be installed by a licensed electrician, or consult an electrician if you decide to install it yourself.

The Disadvantage of Bathroom Heat Lamp Fixtures

Although heat lamp provides many benefits, it also comes some disadvantages. One of them is damaging your eyes if the lamp is used in longer time. In addition, lamps should not also be operated close to the skin as the light because they can cause burns. You also cannot expose your babies to these infrared lights. The lights endanger their health.

Bathroom Heat LampBathroom Heat Lamp

The Price of Bathroom Heat Lamp Fixtures

A single-bulb, 250-watt heat lamp cost as little as $6 as of 2010, according to Galt Technology. Bathroom Heat Lamp indicated prices of $60 for a two-bulb, 500-watt lamp or as much as $100 for a lamp with a fan, as of 2010.

Bathroom heat lamp fixtures bring many advantages, but you have to pay attention on the using of the lamps in order not to get the bad effects of the lamps.