Framed Mirrors In Bathrooms

Square Wood Frames Framed Mirror

Mirror has a great function in a bathroom. It helps you to show how neat your air is, how white your teeth is, how clean your face is, how well your make-up is, etc. in addition, mirror also gives a large effect to a bathroom. When you have a small bathroom, and you want your bathroom looks larger, you should put mirror inside it. Mirror comes into types; framed mirror and unframed mirror. People love installing framed mirror instead of unframed mirror. Framed mirror is more secure than unframed mirror. It is also more beautiful to see. Get ready to have framed mirrors in bathrooms.

Types of Framed Mirrors in Bathrooms

People love having framed mirror because it is versatile and timeless. It also gives effect of Victoria era to your bathroom. Related to the materials of framed mirror, it divides into two types:

Square Wood Frames – Mirrors with square wood frames are perfect for bathrooms, which have a country-inspired theme. With its simple and basic design, you do not have to worry about going overboard in designing your bathroom. People say that simplicity is beauty and these wooden-framed square mirrors surely live up to this famous saying.

Framed Mirror Small BathroomFramed Mirror Small Bathroom

Mosaic Framed Mirrors – These mirrors are perfect for people with a hip and fun personality. If you want to give your bathroom a light and bubbly look, you should check out mosaic-framed mirrors in fun and colorful designs and colors.

Mirror frame kits

Bathroom hotels are usually more beautiful than bathroom regular houses because there are framed mirrors inside the bathrooms. Framed mirror is exactly more beautiful to install in your bathroom. However, if you have had a previous mirror and it is unframed, you can achieve the same look for your previous mirror and there are several ways to do it:

  1. Buy A Framed Mirror – If you don’t have a framed bathroom mirror you can go out and buy one. There are plenty of online and offline stores that carry framed mirrors in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the large mirrors can be expensive however.
  2. Frame An Existing Mirror – If you have one of those large unframed bathroom mirrors you can have it framed by a local frame shop or do it yourself. This means you’ll have to take if off the wall and carefully transport it to the framer or frame it yourself.
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Bathroom Framed MirrorBathroom Framed Mirror

  1. Frame A Mirror ‘In-Place’ – If you’re handy, you can “frame” an existing wall mirror by surrounding it with trim molding, the same material that’s used around doors and windows. You’ll have to measure and cut the material and then affix it to the edge of the mirror using construction adhesive.
  2. Use Pre-Made Mirror Frame Kits – This is similar to option 3 except the frames are pre-made to the size you need them. They’re offered in a variety of styles and sizes and they’re made to be installed without having to remove the mirror from the wall.

So, if you want to change the look of your unframed mirrors into framed mirrors, using these mirror frame kits is arguably one the easiest methods because you don’t have to remove the mirror from the wall and they’re relatively easy and quick to install.

Framed mirrors in bathrooms beautify and update your bathroom look.