Trackless Shower Door: A Friendly Door For Disabilities People

Trackless Shower Door 1

Trackless shower door is a great innovation. For people who love spending their time in a bathroom for long hours, bathroom does not only need to be a clean place, but also a comfortable one. That’s why bathroom as a privacy area has always been a central attention for those people. They like their bathroom look not only clean but also beautiful.

To beautify a bathroom, many people add some fixtures which have a high aesthetics value, for example adding a beautiful shower curtain. Shower curtain which has functioned as a door for shower stall comes in various beautiful design. Many people choose to purchase and install shower curtain to their bath for adding a fresh effect in it.

However there is a disadvantage of shower curtain. The care and maintenance of shower curtain is not easy. Sometimes it’s not machine washable, and after a few years it’s becoming discolored. It’s extremely reducing the beauty of a bath.

Trackless Shower Door

Because of the negative effect from shower curtain, many people tend to choose to have shower doors nowadays. Shower doors are relatively long lasting and easy to take care of. One of shower door options is trackless shower door.

Trackless door is recommended by ADA, American Disabilities Act, especially for being installed in public restroom. The design of trackless door is ideal for disabilities people. It has accordion style which opens from the center for a full access to bath area. This gives benefit to people who are in wheelchair to mobile. It provides save and barrier free access to shower. Disabilities people are also able to enter and exit the shower easily and safely. The other advantage of the trackless door is it forces the water to run back into the shower rather than out onto the floor. It avoids people to slip and fall down.

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Trackless Shower Door 2

Trackless door now is becoming popular because of its advantage. It’s also beautiful and has elegant design. It comes in glass and plastic designs. However many people choose glass as the material of the trackless door because it’s easy to clean. You can also choose the other material which is water resistant.

The price of trackless door is various. For basic model, it comes in range between $ 70 until $ 80. However for some people who have a lot of money, they can choose their own model and design which can fit with their needs. For some advance models, they can be excess of $ 800.

Trackless Shower Door 3

With all the advantages and the various prices, trackless  door is totally a good choice for family who especially has disabilities family member. Trackless shower door does not only give a convenience for disabilities people, but also an elegant effect that beautifies your bathroom.