Pros And Cons Of Jack And Jill Bathroom Plans

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Bathroom is being a life style nowadays. There are many fixtures and designs come to choose and apply to your bathroom. Perhaps you are one who gets confused in designing your future bathroom. Jack and Jill bathroom plans probably can give you fresh idea.

What is Jack and Jill Bathroom?

Jack and Jill bathroom in simple term is a bathroom with two doors. The bathroom usually connects two bedrooms. The bathroom is usually between two bedrooms. It has two doors to enable the users from both bedrooms can enter the bathroom through their own bedroom’s doors.

Most of Jack and Jill bathrooms consist of a double vanity. These kinds of vanity have two sinks, which means two people can use the sinks at the same time. That’s why Jack and Jill bathroom can be said as couple’s bathroom. By having two sinks, the couple will have different storage places.

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Pro and Contra about Jack and Jill Bathroom Plans

Jack and Jill bathroom usually only has a shower because it tends to be small. For people who love spending their time to bathe in a bathtub, Jack and Jill bathroom definitely does not fit their desire. It fits only for people who love bathing quickly.

As it has two doors from two different sides, Jack and Jill bathroom has a good accessibility. However, both the doors must be locked while in use to get a full privacy. If you don’t need to have a full privacy, you don’t need to lock both the doors. Jack and Jill bathroom is also equipped with a light switch to be used as an indicator if the bathroom is in use. Instead of locking both the doors, you can turn on the light switch when you use the bathroom.

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Based on the accessibility, Jack and Jill bathroom is suitable for couple. In addition, the bathroom design is economical when compared to two bathrooms, as it does not require extra plumbing and hardware expense. However, based on the privacy side, this bathroom is not suitable for family whose member more than two persons. Moreover, if we see from the practical side, Jack and Jill bathroom is not practical enough. When we want to use it, we need to lock two doors or turn on the light. It is really wasting much time. Many people choose to own a bathroom because of the practical and privacy side. Many real estate developers also ignore Jack and Jill bathroom design because it is not suitable for residents’ privacy.

All pros and cons can be a consideration before you choose to use Jack and Jill bathroom plansto your home. Of course, every design has its positive and negative sides. The choice is yours now.