Beautiful Soaking Tubs For Small Bathroom

Deep soaking tubDeep soaking tub

Soaking tub is a great choice for you who have a small space to move in your bathroom. Soaking tub will not only give you extra space to move, but also give you a luxury touch to your bathroom. There are many designs and styles of soaking tubs for small bathroom that you can choose; you can decide to purchase one, which suits your space and needs.

Types of Soaking tubs for Small Bathroom

Deep soaking tub is the first option that you can choose. This tub has different design from standard tub. It is deeper than the standard ones, so you can enjoy the feeling of soaking your body while sitting in an upright position. It is not long, but deep, so you can enjoy soaking yourself until your neck. Because of its unique design, it is free standing and takes fewer places than traditional soaking tubs. If you someone who love taking long and relaxing soaks, this soaking tub is the best option for you. You also can customize the exteriors of these tubs to match with your bathroom decor.

Japanese Soaking TubJapanese Soaking Tub

The next option is Japanese soaking tub. Actually, it is one type of deep soaking tub, but it is more expensive. It is mostly made from wood. However, you can also find this tub which is made from acrylic, stone and metal. It is mostly 4 feet long and 26034 inches deep. This tub needs very little space and because it is deep so you can sit upright and do not need to lie down. Japanese soaking tub gives you convenience of sitting in extra deep water. It is appropriate for small bathroom because it can be placed at the corners of the bathroom. It comes with built-in-seats and also small ladders to climb into the tub. If you have enough space, you can also choose for the Japanese soaking tubs for two.

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Claw foot tubClaw foot tub

Deeper than standard tubs and enable you to enjoy all the advantages of soaking without getting cramps is a simple description of Clawfoot tub. It is usually made of cast iron, covered with porcelain, which gives an elegant look. This type has some variety, such as freestanding soaking tub, rolled rim clawfoot tub, slipper clawfoot tub, etc. slipper clawfoot tub comes with a raised end, so you can bath by leaning your back against it. One complicated side of this type is it must be plugged in first before filling water and may cause leaks from the overflow hole.

Corner BathtubCorner Bathtub

It can be known from the name, corner soaking tub, so this tub can fit in any corner in the bathroom and maximize the corner’s function well. It is favorite for small bathrooms because it has several stylish designs. It has a lot of benefit to put inside small bathroom. Not only because the size, but also because it comes with additional attachments to hold shampoos, soaps, etc. it comes in both in standard corner tub and custom-made corner tub which you can add additional features you want. One thing you must remember, you have to check the dimensions of the doorway before you get the tub home to get know whether the doorway allow the tub to enter in.


The last option is whirlpool tub. It is space savers, but its small circular design is also great. You need to consider few factor before deciding to purchase a whirlpool tub.The first factor is the size of one’s water heater. Next, is to choose between air-jet or whirlpool system. In the former, air is propelled through several small holes, thereby creating bubbles in the tub. Then small holes propel out water and air which giving a soothing massage effect.

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Many items you can choose related soaking tubs for small bathroom. There are many designs, which have their own benefit and ultimate. You have to do some research about the detail of the products before you decide your option.