Select An Attractive Children’s Bathroom Decor

Children are full of imagination, they can have many ideas in their mind and sometimes the ideas are unpredictable for adults. That’s why it is better to let your children choose their own bathroom decor based on their needs and wills. Children’s bathroom decor nowadays come in various designs that are unique, beautiful and funny. By giving your children a chance to select their own bathroom decor will increase their self-confidence to have a bath by themselves and increase their convenience to stay in their own bathroom as well. However, before approving the chosen decor, you should consider the criteria such as durability,  functionality and safety.

Contemporary bathroom childContemporary bathroom child

Children do not really understand about durability, functionality and safety. They only know the decor is funny and cute to their eyes and they imagine having the decor in their bathroom. Your role as a good parent is to control their choice. A good decor must be durable; it will be long lasting and it can be used in some years. Many funny bathroom fixtures for completing the decor, but you have to pay attention to the functionality of the fixtures. You have to explain to your children how to choose good fixtures for their bathroom; they are not only good looking but also functional. Good fixtures for children are easy to use ones. Then, the important thing you have to consider is about the safety. You have to avoid the glass as fixtures materials for your children’s bathroom because it can easily break. It is suggested to select some plastic fixtures, but you also must pay attention that the plastic is a good plastic that is not harmful for your children’s health.

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Tips for Children’s Bathroom decor

By remembering all those things above, here are a few tips to consider when you design a child’s bathroom.

Children bathroom must be cheerful and peppy to make they comfort staying in their own bathroom. That’s why you have to know what the mood of your children like to have in their bathroom. You have to make the bathroom as a great place for your kids to exchange moments of sharing, talking, splashing water. Make it fun filled, with bold themes and color. They tend relate more with colors, patterns and images that communicate with them. It is the place from which they start and end their day, so keep the tone and emotion positive and lively.

kids bathroom decorkids bathroom decor

The next thing you have to prepare a well-planned storage area for every little thing, right from toiletries to towels. Choose a storage fixture with soft texture. You also have to make everything accessible to them. Stepping stools are a perfect addition and use low mounted racks for towels. Use the space beneath the sink for shelves to neatly store their bath toys. Sinks could be mounted low, so that it is reachable for your kids, along with a mirror on the wall. Make the mirror fun with one that is shaped into a cartoon character, say – a Mickey Mouse or other character your kids love. Remember, this idea infuses the sense of independence in them and gives you a break.

Unique Kids BathUnique Kids Bath

The next tip is you should spruce up the decor and the accessories with personality. Add the perfect selection of towels and accessories that are colorful with fun shades and images. Linens like towels, curtains, and floor mats should be colorful and can have images of animals, fish or frogs in true colors will keep them company in the bathroom. Images of the sea, boats and ships could create an aquatic ambiance for them.

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You also cannot forget to put some necessary accessories like towel rails, toilet paper holders, and soap dishes. These too can be found in different themes and colors. The floor and the walls for children bathroom can be made of design tiles, in bright festive colors and hues. Decorations on the walls can include things like funny vinyl stickers and creative wall tiles. Pull together the design with sketches, murals or wall art. After considering all those things, it is time for you and your children to choose your own children’s bathroom decor that in line with your children’s desires, but under your control.