Wonderful Glass Shelves For Bathrooms

Glass Shelves with MirrorGlass Shelves with Mirror

Glass shelves for bathrooms are suitable storage shelves for you who love decorative but functional shelves. They do not only give you a storage place for your toiletries, but also a god ornament that increase the aesthetic side of your bathroom. Because the material is from glass, before you decide to buy these shelves, you have to consider the durability of the shelves. Do not think that the material for glass shelves is the same material for glass that you usually use to drink of. They come from different material of glass, glass shelves come from stronger glass materials. However, you have to make sure that the glass which builds a glass shelf is toughened glass. Toughened glass is much stronger than any material of glasses.

Glass Bathroom ShelvesGlass-Bathroom-Shelves

After you make sure the material of the shelves, you have to consider the right design of the glass shelves. They come in many shapes and types. They also come in various finishing colors. You can choose one which represents your needs and desires to put in your bathroom. It is suggested to select a glass shelf that has a high functionality. So it is not only durable and beautiful, but also helps you to store many toiletries in good way. Visually, glass shelves are more eye-catching than wood shelves; it is stylish and durable; water resistant and corrosion resistant.

Glass bathroom shelvesGlass bathroom shelves

Types of Glass Shelves for Bathrooms

There are many types of bathroom glass shelves, but they usually come in common types such as corner glass shelves and glass shelves with towel bar.

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Corner glass shelvesCorner glass shelves

Corner glass shelves are good choice for you who live with old people and children. As you have to realize that glass can be broken easily, you can avoid some unintended accidents by installing these kinds of shelves. They are much saver compare than any glass shelves because they install in the corner of the bathroom wall. They also good choice for you who have small bathroom with limited storage space.  These glass shelves can be obtained in single, double or triple tiers that attach to the wall with glass shelves brackets or they can be freestanding corner bathroom shelves in that they are supported by metal columns with decorative feet. The glass itself in a triple-tier tempered corner bathroom shelf is cut in a rectangle shape so that the pointed tip end can be set into the corner created by the abutted walls.

Classic glass shelves with towel barClassic glass shelves with towel bar

If you are kind of person who loves simplicity with high functionality, glass shelves with towel bar are definitely good choice for you. They do only give you a capacity as a storage place for toiletries but also help you to hang your towel as well. These shelves totally save the limited space but still give you decorative sides to your bathroom. The towel rail is available in chrome, nickel, copper, or all of these tools can easily withstand high humidity in the bathroom. Varieties of shelves that can be used in the bath towel rack bar attached to the bottom of the frame. The shelves are usually made of tempered glass and chrome bars. Rack can be used to store any small items you want and finished products, air fresheners, and soap.

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glass shelvesglass shelves

Glass shelves for bathrooms are unique choices for your bathroom. However, you also have to maintain the cleanliness of the shelves as well. Because they are made from glass, it can be easily dirty, that’s why you need to always be ready to spray the shelves using glass cleaner to make them stay sparkling.