Framing A Bathroom Mirror: Step By Step

A plain mirror is exactly cheaper than a framed mirror, that’s why many people choose to buy plain mirror compare than framed mirror. However, plain mirror is more boring than framed mirror because you cannot find any decorative elements on it, only a mirror itself. Now, you do not worry because you can frame your bathroom by yourself. It is not a difficult task; it only requires a little time and patience to do it. Below are step by step how framing a bathroom mirror.

Preparation for Framing a Bathroom Mirror

Before starting to frame your mirror, you have to prepare the supplies you need to do the framing sessions. Some supplies you need are MDF baseboards molding with cap or any type of molding you prefer, miter saw, paint, paint brush, caulk, liquid nails and caulk gun, pencil and measuring tape.

bathroom mirror framebathroom mirror frame

Step by Steps Framing a Bathroom Mirror

The first thing you have to do is measure your mirror using measuring tape. You must get the size accurately to make you easier finding a fit molding for your bathroom mirror. After you get the size of your mirror, you can go to home improvement store to find the best molding you prefer. The reason why you need to have the actual size of your mirror is the store can help you to cut the molding, some stores give this service for free, so that you can do the rest job to apply it on your mirror easily. However, if you are kind of perfectionist person, you can do it by yourself.

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For your information, molding comes in various types. It can be primed, stainable or even made from foam.  You can choose one which suits your needs, but the primed moldings are known as the easiest molding to install. You have to buy about one foot more than the actual size of the mirror. Then what you should do is you must saw the molding into four pieces with mitered edges. You have to do it carefully in order to get the cuts of molding will line up with the edges of the mirror when placed on top of the mirror.

Classic framing mirrorClassic framing mirror

After you get the molding cut, you can paint the back of the molding near the top edge so the unfinished back will not be reflected in the mirror when the molding is installed. After the paint is dry, flip to the right side and paint one or two coats on all of you pieces.

Now, you can start to frame your mirror. The best way to do is you have to start with the bottom piece, apply liquid nails to the back. If you have counter top backsplash, you can automatically level the molding pieces. However, if you do not have this, you can use a bubble level and mark with tape or a pencil where to place the molding to make sure it is level. Liquid nails dries so fast until you do not realize that you do not have much time from the time you apply it to get it in place on the wall.

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Make sure that the bottom piece is level and securely on the wall. After that, you can add the side pieces in the same way you do with the bottom pieces, and then you can continue your job with the top piece last.

framing a mirrorframing a mirror

If you find that your mitered joints do not match perfectly, you can use a caulk. Caulk will make you look like a professional carpenter. It is suggested to use Dap Alex Plus Easy Caulk which you can get in Wal-Mart. The reason why it is better to use the caulk is you do not need a caulk gun to apply it and the container makes it so easy to use. You will find no mess in your framing project. Once you cut the nozzle on the tip of the caulk container, you only need to cut it on an angle and then just run the tip along the joint. The most exciting part is you need to pretend that it is a can of whipped crème and you have to add it to the joint. After the caulk is in the joint, you can run a wet finger over the line to smooth. The next tip, you can touch the area up with paint after caulk is dry.

Well, after you do all the steps above, it means that you have finished framing a bathroom mirror. You will be amazed then because now you have got a beautiful framed bathroom mirror and that is your own effort.