Getting To Know About ADA Bathroom Dimensions

American Disabilities Act (ADA) is an act that is very helpful for disable people. Because of the act, disable people now can enjoy their bathing session in high convenience, without having fear and ashamed. Disable people also can increase their confidence because of the act; they live happier than before. ADA regulates many things related to the public service to disabled people. In the case, ADA also releases ADA bathroom dimensions.

ADA guidelines diagramADA guidelines diagram

Regulations Related to ADA bathroom dimensions For Disabled People

Controls and Operating Mechanisms

In order to meet ADA requirements, the controls of plumbing fixtures shall be able to be operated with one hand. Fixtures must not have any pinching, twisting or a tight grasp to operate. Most ADA plumbing fixtures are lever-type handles to make it easier for those with disabilities to use easily. Electronically controlled plumbing fixtures are allowed as well. The controls of plumbing fixtures cannot require more than 5 lbs. of force exerted on it to be activated. Push buttons, knobs and levers must be easily operable with one hand. Self-closing faucets should remain open at least 10 seconds.

ADA Bathroom Floor PlansADA Bathroom Floor Plans

Clear Space

One of the most important standards that ADA requires deals with is clearances. The clearances are required to allow for adequate use of the facilities by everyone even if they are in a wheelchair. When using the plumbing fixture, a 30-inch-by-48-inch floor space is required. For those reaching for the plumbing fixtures, the ADA requires a maximum reach height of 48 inches when facing the fixtures. The maximum height of lavatories is 34 inches, and they need a clear space underneath of 27 inches from the above finished floor.

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Clear Floor Space

Floor space must be at least 30 by 48 inches to accommodate a wheelchair. Wheelchairs require 60 inches in diameter to make a 180 Degree turn. Space can be positioned for a forward or parallel approach to equipment. The floor should be non-slippery, and tile or vinyl is not recommended unless it has a rough surface. Bathroom carpeting at home will be OK if a wheelchair can roll or wheel over it.


One important requirement of the ADA that deals with plumbing fixtures is the safe operation of them by everyone. All exposed pipes underneath the plumbing fixtures shall be wrapped to protect the users from being burned from the pipes when the hot water is activated. The apron that wraps around the pipes must not interfere with any clearances required. The ADA does not allow for any sharp or abrasive surfaces underneath or on the surfaces of the plumbing fixtures.


Lighting must be bright and easy to operate from a wheelchair. Lights should also have dimmer switches for people who cannot tolerate bright lights.

Showers and Baths

ADA wheelchair showers must provide a dimension of 60 by 30 inches. Controls and the spray unit have to be a maximum of 27 inches from the sidewall where a seat is attached. Bathtubs and showers need to be accessed with ease, either by grab handles or full openings for wheelchair access. The Home Improvement Corner reports that manufacturers now construct bathtubs for individuals wanting ADA accessibility at home. Side opening doors allow individuals to enter without lifting their legs over a ledge.

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ADA toilet diagramADA toilet diagram

Sinks and Counter Tops

Counter tops or sinks should not exceed a height of 34 inches. Counter tops with sharp edges should be avoided. A clear floor space in front of the sink must be at least 30 inches wide and 48 inches deep with no more than 19 inches extending under the lavatory to allow a forward approach by people in wheelchairs. Sinks installed in a counter top should be within 2 inches of the front edge for maximum accessibility. Insulate plumbing or place it close enough to the wall to eliminate any contact.


Horizontal grab bars must be mounted behind the toilet and on the nearest wall or partition, and seat heights must be 17 inches to 19 inches above the finished floor. Flush controls must be placed on the open side of the toilet with the most clear floor space and mounted no higher than 44 inches above the finished floor.

ADA bathroom dimensions help you, especially who run a public service area, to build a bathroom which is friendly for disabled people. Disabled people are part of human beings. That means they are part of us, we need to take care of them as well.