How To Install A Bathroom Fan: A Guideline

You need a bathroom fan to get rid of odors and keep your bathroom mirror from fogging up. However, the best reason why you must install a bathroom fan is to remove humid air from your home. You have to know that moisture that fills the air while you shower or bathe eventually ends up as water on your walls; nourishing mildew and causing paint and wallpaper to peel. If you are a kind of patient and careful person, it is good to try installing your bathroom fan by yourself. Below is the guideline of how to install a bathroom fan.

Preparation to Install a Bathroom Fan

Installing a bath fan is quiet simple, but before you begin you must be ready to accept three things; you are going to make a mess of your bathroom, you are going to have a cut hole in your outside wall or roof, and you will probably take a full day to complete the job.

bathroom exhaust fanbathroom exhaust fan

Then you have to prepare these things; bathroom fan, drywall saw or rotary saw, electrical supplies (wire, boxes, housing clamps, etc.), exhaust duct, razor knife, green board or drywall, drywall tape, joint compound, a light bulb or bathroom fan for light, ladder, and power cut-off.

There are some tips related to installing a bathroom fan. The first thing to do if you want to install a bathroom fan is you could purchase the fan itself. It is recommended to buy a fan from a reputable manufacturer and supplier in order to get the best product. You also have to consider the size and the power of the bathroom fan; they must fit the room’s needs, so you will get the satisfying result from the product. The best bathroom fan is a fan with quiet sound; it will bring you to high convenience when you take a bath.

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Installing a bathroom fan means you have to do some project related to electricity. That’s why before starting the job, you should make sure that you have turn off the electricity supply of your home. If you think you are not good enough in electricity work, it is advisable that you must hire a professional electrician to do the job.

Step by Step: How to Install A Bathroom Fan

The first thing you should do you have to determine where you want to install the fam.  To begin a new installation, you need to install the fan in a location where it can be attached to a ceiling joist which you can locate using a stud sensor or any method you like.

The next step is you have to cut a hole in the ceiling larger than the finished opening, unless if you have access from above at your home, in order to get the fan housing into the ceiling and to attach it to the joist for support. To do this part of project, you can use a rotary cutting tool, like a rotozip or a drywall saw.

installing a faninstalling a fan

Recognize that it is a new installation; you have to find power for the fan. You will need to run one or more switched circuits to the fan location from your switch location. A single circuit is typically all that is needed for the fan, light and heat unit, if equipped. You will need to refer to another reference source for instructions on accomplishing this.

The next step is you have to find an exhaust duct, which is typically vented to the outside through the roof or through the side of the house. Again, you will need to refer to another source for these instructions. After you clear all those parts, you can now install the fan. Prepare it for installation by installing the appropriate cable clamp in the electrical housing knockouts for the cable that was run to the unit.

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Then, you should attach the fan housing to the ceiling joist, attach the exhaust duct and connect up the electrical to the appropriate wires or terminals. If it has been done, you have to test the fan for proper operation by turning on power at the breaker and testing the switch. Once operation is verified, turn off power until install complete.

Well, now you have a fan attached to the joist and all hooked up, with a nice gaping hole in the ceiling surrounding it. What you should do now is you have to fix the hole.

installing bathroom faninstalling bathroom fan

The first thing you should do is by cutting back the ceiling material (typically green board or drywall) so that you have a square or rectangle that has at least ½  of the ceiling joist edges on either side of the fan exposed to screw a new piece to.

Then you must cut a new piece of drywall/green board to fit in the enlarged hole and mark the location of the housing flange on the backside of the piece to cut out the opening for the fan.  For your information, s simple method of doing this is to use an old lipstick to run on the edge of the fan housing. When you push the drywall against it, it leaves a nice cut line.

After that you must cut out the fan opening and hold up the piece to test the fit. Then, adjust as necessary. The next step is you have to Install the drywall using 1 5/8″ drywall screws along the ceiling joists and either drywall clips and screws or backer boards and screws along the unsupported edges.

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The last step is you must tape and mud the joints. Now, install any bulbs in the fan unit, put on the cover and turn on the power at the breaker.

Well, now you have to know that how to install a bathroom fan is not as difficult as you think. What you should do is prepare your time and patience to do the project. Happy installing!