Selecting Wallpaper Borders For Bathroom

Wallpaper now has been number one decorative element to install in a bathroom. Compare than paint the room; applying wallpaper on the wall is much cheaper. Moreover, you can also find various designs. Wallpaper is also easy to remove, so if you one day feel bored with the design of the wallpaper, you can change it with the new one. To give a bold border in a room, now you can use wallpaper borders for bathroom. Wallpaper border can be installed with or without the wallpaper itself.

Wallpaper borders bathroom comes in the plenty of designs. It can be the one with the children theme for example the accent of the famous cartoon stars such as Sponge bob, Dora, or Avatar. The other kind of wallpaper borders bathroom is the use of floral theme, besides the use of the motives theme are also adored by many people, for example the motives of circle, square, and even abstract.

Toy Story Kids Wallpaper BorderToy Story Kids Wallpaper Border

There should be a consideration to be paid attention well when you want to apply wallpaper borders bathroom that the use of the light color will be such useful way to make the sense of the bathroom more attractive. Applying wallpaper borders bathroom will be the solution of avoiding the monotonous bathroom design. Wallpaper borders bathroom will be really lovable when it is applied almost in the whole of the bathroom; even it is also possible to apply it among the other rooms in your house to bring the sense of equality.

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These wallpaper borders usually come in form of a tough paper that is durable but economical. These borders are not more than 5 – 10 inches in length and come in the form of rolls. There are endless amounts of the choices when it comes to wallpaper borders. They come in various sizes, colors and designs. Some of them are even textured or have some sort of imagery on them. This is the reason why these borders have been classified in varies classes. For example there is a separate collection of the wallpaper borders for bathrooms and kitchens.

Batik BorderBatik Border

There are some types if wallpaper borders, such as Pre-Pasted, Non-Pasted and Self Adhesive. Self-adhesive borders are usually the first choice of most of the consumers, as they are easy to put on. This hassle free application has made self-adhesive wallpaper borders the most popular choice amongst the most common users. Pre-pasted borders work pretty much the same, but you still have to activate its paste with the help of some liquid or something. Non-pasted borders require the most amounts of work as they don’t have any sort of pasted on them, which is why some sort of adhesive must be used for their application.

Applying Wallpaper Borders for Bathroom

The first thing you should do before applying the wallpaper border in your bathroom is you should measure the size of your bathroom in order to get the fixed size of wallpaper border that will be used in your bathroom.  You must get the actual size both height and width of your bathroom. After you get the size, you can start searching the wallpaper borders that match with your requirements.

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Bathroom Wallpaper BordersBathroom Wallpaper Borders

After you decide your choice, you can start to put your wallpaper border inside your bathroom. However, you must consider a few things before put it on the wall. There are some places that usually need to be added wallpaper borders; the top of your wall, the ceiling and half way up the wall.

If you have a small bathroom that is broken up by the bathroom furniture then adding a bathroom wallpaper border at the top of your wall can give the eye a more unbroken sweep of your bathroom. It tends to break up the monotony of bathrooms whose walls and ceilings are the same color and shade or close to it by forming a natural and attractive break from the two.

sea bathroomsea bathroom

If you have a low ceiling bathroom and add bathroom wallpaper borders to the ceiling itself, then you can create the feeling for a bathroom with added height. This is often helpful in homes where the bathrooms are smaller and have low ceilings as it gives a less claustrophobic feel to the entire room.

On large bathrooms whose walls are only broken by the shower or the tub shower combination adding a bathroom wallpaper border halfway up or a little more on the wall can provide an unbroken line and can make the bathroom seem a little larger than it actually is. This is a great way to give the illusion of more space in a bathroom with little actual floor space.

wallpaper borders bathroomwallpaper borders bathroom

The color and design choice determines how wallpaper borders will beautify your bathroom. Now, it is your time to decorate your lovely shower room using wallpaper borders for bathroom, and find yourself in a brand new world after that.

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