Bathroom Paint Colors 2017

Colors bring many effect into a room, include in a bathroom. Colors influence the look of the bathroom that affects the user’s convenience in the bathroom. That’s why you cannot underestimate to choose the colors of your bathroom, in order to get a better look and a better convenience of your bathroom. Below are described the bathroom paint colors 2017.

Bathroom ColorsBathroom Colors

The most popular paint colors for 2017 are warm, off-white colors such as pale cream or ivory. If you are a big fan of pale greens and browns, you must be lucky because the colors are some of the best choice in 2017. If you love minimalist style, you can paint your bathroom cling with pastel colors. The pairing between the wall paint and ceiling paint will look versatile and give a high value to your bathroom.

However, if you get bored with soft colors, you can choose to paint your bathroom with bold bathroom color trend. A bathroom will look starkly contrasting pairing of bright white and dark black paint colors with a reddish pink or bright orange. Metallic colors are also trending for bathroom decor in 2017, though not necessarily as the primary paint color. Instead, use metallic gold or silver paints in conjunction with off-white base wall paint, using the metallic paint to stencil floral, leaf patterns over this base color. This particular bathroom paint trend works well with bathrooms in older homes, particularly Victorian-style houses.

Top Bathroom Paint Colors for 2017

Paint colors for bathrooms 2017Paint colors for bathrooms 2017

Based on Benjamin Moore, the color expert, there are five top bathroom paint colors in this year. The color palette for this year is takes a soft, safe approach, one designed to ease the minds of a population “seeking a sense of calm, trust and the tried-and-true.”

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The first top color for 2017 is Big Blues. In addition to Wythe Blue, two other shades stand out to the color experts here. The first is Montpelier, which is more on the steely side, continuing the attraction of gray-toned hues. Montpelier, like Wythe, was described as having a “timeless quality.” The second is Amethyst Shadow which, as the name implies pulls in a purple influence. Also bordering on the gray scale, Amethyst Shadow bridges the gap between purple and blue.

Great Grays is the second top color. It features rich and smoky, soft and dreamy, shades of Stardust, Sharkskin, Nimbus Gray, and Revere Pewter and viewed as “hotties” for this category.

Soft Neutrals are still being the top color in this year. The public’s “perennial love affair” with whites and neutrals will be sated with whispering shades like Ballet White, White Dove, Refined and Pashmina. Neutral colors never go out of style.

The next top color for 2017 is Color Kick. Urban-dwellers are known to be a bit more daring when it comes to paint choices, according to Mathew, who pointed to spicy tones like Gypsy Love and Persimmon which offer a burst of robust, ruddy color, as being a hit with this crowd.

The last top color for this year is Mother Earth. The warm safety of earth tones makes a big play in the 2017 palette. The troubled economy lends a hand to this trend as consumers are more likely to play it safe in terms of color in times of financial uncertainty. Tones here include Masada, Farm Fresh, Dunmore Cream and Fresh Olive.

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After you know all about bathroom paint colors 2017, it is time for you to change your bathroom paint into the latest trend and you will get a brand new and trendy look bathroom.