Bathroom Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Small bathroom could be a tragedy if you cannot arrange and decorate it well. That’s why you need to consider many things before you want to put some fixtures in it, or when you want to install bathroom tile on the floor. If you are not carefully in arranging the fixtures and installing the tile, instead of having beautiful bathroom you will get a cramped bathroom. Below are some bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms which can guide you to choose the best tile for your bathroom.

The Bathroom Tile Ideas

Tiles for small bathroomTiles for small bathroom

Four things should be considered in determining the bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms. They are the colors, the shape, the size and the materials.

White TileWhite Tile

When you try to find the best colors for small bathrooms, it means you need colors which will make your tiny room look bigger and wider. To reveal this purpose, the easiest way is you have to apply bright colors for your small bathroom, include for your bathroom tile. This kind of colors will guarantee that your bathroom will be wider since the nature of such colors is to repel the light. As the result, your bathroom will be brighter and to be brighter is good to bring wider visual effect of the bathroom. You can purchase mosaic tiles in mesh-backed sheets that have multicolored designs already arranged into the tiles, or you can cut the mesh in any configuration you want and mix it up with different colors.

Small Bathroom TilesSmall Bathroom Tiles

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When you go to the store in order to get the tile, you will certainly find so many possible shapes that you can choose. Some might be made in square shape and some might be in round shape. However, for decorating small bathroom, the round tile is better. The reason is because when you apply such tile, it seems that you are using one huge tile to cover your bathroom floor. It is because the tile which has round shape will be able to blend easier than the square round. The square round will still show some kind of line which will make your bathroom look narrow. Such condition will not happen when you use the round bathroom.

Luxurios Small Bathroom TileLuxurios Small Bathroom Tile

The third thing is about the size. There are two opinions of thought when it comes to tile size in a small bathroom: One, that small mosaic tiles work best because they allow the creation of intricate designs and patterns on your small floor and walls, and, two, that very large tiles work best because they give the illusion of a big, bold room. Whichever direction you go, go to an extreme; you do not use a standard six- or 10-inch tile, which is too big to make any effective design in a small space, and too small to give the optical illusion of a large space.

mirrors tilesmirrors tiles

The last thing you should consider is the materials. Actually, there is no exact rule about which material is better. However, for your small bathroom, you should not choose the tile which is made from stone since it will only make your bathroom look narrower. Moreover, what material of tile you choose for your bathroom is going to depend partly on your size scheme. If you’re going with very large tiles, then ceramic is not a good idea for the floors because large ceramic tiles are easier to cracking. In that case, go with marble or another polished stone, which will be more expensive but can be laid in large sizes without much danger of cracking. If you are going with mosaic tiles, then ceramic is fine, though glass may look better. Whatever you use, make sure it is a high-density glazed version; flat matte tiles are not good for bathrooms because they don’t repel moisture or clean up like glazed finishes do.

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Small Bathroom Tile Backsplashsmall bathroom tile backsplash

small blue bathroom tile backsplash on minimalis modern bathroom

small blue bathroom tile backsplash on minimalis modern bathroom

Well, after you consider those four things, now it is time for you to go to your trusted home improvement store and start to find the best tile based on the guidelines of bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms above.