Everything You Should Know About Wallpaper For Bathrooms

Wallpaper for bathrooms is not a particularly popular choice in previous years because it does not withstand humid and moist bathroom conditions particularly well. Wallpaper is easily to peel off relatively soon after being exposed to moisture and for that reason most homeowners rather do not take any chances. However, the times have changed and wallpaper is not what it used to be either. Many homeowners nowadays prefer applying wallpaper to painting their bathroom wall.

Green white wallpaperGreen white wallpaper

You are not necessary asking for trouble if you decide to wallpaper your bathroom because a wallpaper that is specially made for bathrooms is made with a great deal of attention to the conditions it will be exposed to day after day. On the other hand, it still is not able to hold up to constant splashes of water for instance which is why you are highly recommended to avoid the most critical areas such as the shower, bathtub, etc. that are very likely to be exposed not only to moisture but a greater amount of water.

Overall WallpaperOverall Wallpaper

Wallpaper for bathrooms come in three common types; pre-pasted, non-pasted, and self-adhesive. Self-adhesive is kind of old wallpaper that you need glue to stick it on the wall. While pre-pasted wallpaper is the brand new type which you only need water to moistened it and the wallpaper can stick on the wall very well and beautifully. Non-pasted wallpaper requires the most amounts of work as it does not have any sort of pasted on it, which is why some sort of adhesive must be used for its application.

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bathroom wallpaperbathroom wallpaper

Nowadays bathroom wallpaper has various textures and motifs. The wallpaper does not only come for adult, there are also many motifs of children wallpaper. For adult bathroom, you can choose floral motifs, animals, and even wallpaper tile. Wallpaper tile nowadays has been a popular choice because its texture and its ultimate in easily to clean. For children bathroom, cartoon bathroom wallpaper is still being number one choice. To get a modern bathroom look, you should choose dark colors with few motives for your bathroom wallpaper. Floral motives with bright colors are good bathroom wallpaper choice for building a classic look.

How to Apply Wallpaper for Bathrooms?

Before starting to wallpaper your bathroom, you have to do some preparation as well. Things you will need to apply wallpaper in your bathroom are wallpaper itself, wide floating putty knife, small putty knife, sponge, bucket, utility knife, drywall compound, and wallpaper brush.

bathroom wallpapers designbathroom wallpapers design

The first thing you should do is to determine where you want to attach your bathroom wallpaper. You have to decide whether you want to attach the wallpaper on the entire wall or only for borders in the room. You also have to consider the size of your bathroom and how much money you will spend to purchase the wallpaper.

After all those things decided, what you should do is you have to prepare the bathroom wall. If you have painted wall previously, it is suggested to wipe the wall clean with a damp sponge and then apply a thin coat of drywall compound. If you have wallpapered wall previously, you need to remove it. You should get clean wall to make your wallpaper attached well and it will not peel off easily.

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Great WallpaperGreat Wallpaper

Once your wall is prepped and ready, you have to make sure you take measurements of the areas you want to hang your wallpaper and then cut pieces according to those measurements.

Generally most wallpaper sold nowadays is pre-pasted. It means that the wallpaper just needs to be moistened with water to apply. Make sure you apply carefully and use the wallpaper brush to make big sweeping motions removing air bubbles with each stroke. When your job is complete allow adequate time for the paper to dry and the glue to set.

Wallpaper for BathroomWallpaper for Bathroom

Wallpaper for bathrooms is an easy way to get a beautiful bathroom without spending much money to buy new bathroom fixtures and furniture. It is also easy to change and remove when you feel bored with the motifs.