Vanities For Small Bathrooms

Vanities For Small BathroomsVanities are part of bathroom that has function to storage bathing equipment and put make up things. Vanities are filled up with the sink, the cabinets, the storage space, the counter space, the mirror, and the stool. It is located integrated to either inside of the or outside of the bathroom. There are several models of vanity like traditional, modern, transitional, classic, and many more. Vanities began in 19th century, but it took more than 30 years to be seen as an element of room and not just a functional storage space.

Vanities Design For Small Bathrooms

People often think that vanities are only appropriate for the house that has large bathroom. Now, there is good news for everyone who wants to have vanity without having big enough space. Vanity can be designed for even very small bathroom or in other words incorporate stylistic appealing bathroom vanity with smaller model.

Vanities For Small Bathrooms CornerVanities For Small Bathrooms Corner

Before giving the tips to design vanities for small bathrooms, it is necessary to have good point of view that you do not insist to have a vanity that is magnificent, but you have to come up with the reality that your bathroom space is not spacious enough then you can work with it and get brilliant idea to design vanity that is really ‘you’.  Some tricks to make your small vanity for small bathroom are choosing the color that gives broadening the space effect like soft color, altering some parts of your bathroom like changing your swinging door into sliding one, using light colored ceramic tiles for the whole room to give the illusion of space, using natural light if possible, putting the sink on your vanity and the shower in your tub.

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Teak Vanity for Small BathroomsTeak Vanity for Small Bathrooms

Classy Blue Vanity for Small Bathroom ModernClassy Blue Vanity for Small Bathroom Modern

 There are three plus/minus side of designing vanity for small bathroom. Firstly, small vanity is not only functional but also stylish even for wall-mounted vanity that looks to be hanging, though small vanity lacks of counter space. Second, it still offers storage space without taking up so much space; however the storage space is so minimalist. Then the last thing, you can choose the model of vanity according to your taste while there is only one sink.

The durability of vanities for small bathrooms depends on the quality of materials they are constructed from, the style, and the manufacturer. And in order to keep it long lasting every stuff in vanity needs maintenance to like regular cleaning by using a household bathroom cleaner and sponge to wipe down the surface to make it dry.