Selecting Appropriate Boys Bathroom Decor

Cute and Beautiful Boys BathCute and Beautiful Boys Bath

Boys bathroom decor is easier to find, compare than girls bathroom decor which is more complicated. Most of boys love sport and they love decorating their bathroom using some sport stuff. To have a sporty bathroom, you can paint the space in hues reflective of his favorite team; use these colors in both your paint choices and your linens. Seek sink decorations that relate to sports as a whole, or the team or sport the boy prefers in particular. Allow for the playing of sports in the space by putting a suction cup basketball hoop in the shower or purchasing some sports-themed bath toys. However, it is better to give your boys many choices besides sport decoration. Below are some another optional for decorating your boys bathroom.

boys bathboys bath

Underwater can be your optional boys bathroom decor. Center your theme on water, the major element of a bathroom. Introduce sea creatures to make the bathroom an underwater adventure filled with bubbles and snorkeling gear. Paint your boy’s bathroom a “crisp, blue-based white, icy pink or periwinkle as a backdrop for bubble patterns. Circular wall decals in different sizes create a bright contrast,” suggests the Modern Mom website. Or, paint a mural on the wall with underwater creatures like jellyfish and eels or paint a swimmer deep-sea diving. Use a solid-color shower curtain with different-shaped creatures for hangers. Find dolphin or fish accessories and use them throughout the room. Use fish-shaped soap dishes, toothbrush holders and lotion dispensers. Add seahorse ornaments or a picture with different creatures over the toilet. Keep the toilet coverings and rug a solid color to keep the room less busy.

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boys bathroom furniture decoratingboys bathroom furniture decorating

Boys love bugs, get a bug land for your boys. Let them enjoy imaginary creepers in the bath instead of bringing real ones into the house. Buy bug accessories for the bath, such as soap holders shaped like caterpillars or firefly-shaped towel holders. Take care when using this or any other very stylized, colorful design. When the “wallpaper, shower curtain and border all have bright and compelling theme characters,” the bathroom can look over-decorated, warns HGTV. Strategically place the theme around the room. If you paint tons of bugs crawling and flying on the wall, keep the shower curtain simple. If the bugs are on the shower curtain, paint the wall in a neutral color and trim it with a solid color to match the bugs.

Another optional for boys’ bathroom decor is surfing. Boys love a surfing theme, and this design works well for older children and young. Paint waves on the wall or hang pictures of surfers that will inspire your boy. Hang a foam-shaped surfboard on the wall and add flip flop-shaped hooks as towel holders. Buy a wallpaper border for the top of the walls and paint the rest of the wall a sea-blue color. Add matching blue towels and toilet coverings, while using a shower curtain with one large surfboard on it.

Boys Bathroom Idea ShipBoys Bathroom Idea Ship

Ships bath decor will amaze your boys. Create a decidedly nautical bathroom by adopting a ship theme. Paint your walls in a hue of your choice, and place a ship-theme border around the room, or stencil tiny ships and anchors across the walls to make them reflective of your theme. Select a shower curtain with ship-themed designs, or one featuring portals. Suspend small shelves from the walls and place toy boats on them to add appeal to the space.

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car bathroom designcar bathroom design

Boys love alien so much. Then, why don’t you try an alien invasion bathroom. Create a fanciful bath by making your bathroom alien themed. Select one bathroom wall upon which to paint a space ship and some invading Martians. Pick sink decorations with aliens printed on them, or buy them in a solid hue that matches the color of your painted space invaders. Select a shower curtain with aliens printed on it, or choose instead for one with images of the solar system or the moon.

Boys bathroom decor can be so various, but sometimes we only focus on boys’ favorite sport. To get a wonderful bathroom decor, you have to get to know what your sons’ favorite things to do.