Cafe Curtains For Bathrooms

Cafe curtains for bathrooms were originally introduced in nineteenth century in Vienna. However, the idea of cafe curtain itself was found in the 18th century and used in restaurants. In the first development of the curtain, it was made to give privacy for some restaurant customers while they were enjoying their meal. Because cafe curtain only covers half of the window’s length, the customers can get a full convenience when they are eating or drinking, but they also can see the view of the street through the windows.

After a few years, cafe curtain is not only applied in restaurants, but also in many rooms of the house, include bathroom. It is very effective to apply the curtain if you have a bathroom in the second or upper floor of your house. This is actually affected by the fact that cafe curtains will only cover half of your bathroom window. If you apply this kind of curtains in a bathroom that is located in the first floor of your house, it is afraid that people can easily peek into your bathroom. Therefore, it would be best for you to apply cafe curtains for bathroom on the upper floor only. This way you can enjoy the view outside the bathroom without being afraid of getting exposed while showering.

Cafe CurtainCafe Curtain

There are various styles of cafe curtains for bathroom you can select. The first style you can probably find easily is country style. This style of cafe curtain is usually completed with ruffles and valances in matching color as well. If you adore country look then it will be a great suggestion for you. If you want a cafe curtain that can emit elegance yet simple feature then you can try sheer style. This kind of cafe curtains for bathroom is usually made of silky sheer fabric. Since this sheer cafe curtain is made of silk sheer, it can easily reflect light yet can be easily blown away as well. Therefore, in order to keep the cafe curtain in place, you can add trim at the bottom of the curtain. This way you can keep them neat and tidy all day long. Lastly, you can also try the simplest and cheapest style of cafe curtains for bathroom. The only main material you need is unused handkerchiefs. You can sew it by yourself with your own design that matches your own taste and pattern. As an alternative, you can also buy the already made ones directly from a local thrift store in your local area.  This kind of cafe curtains for bathroom is absolutely great in case you have limited budget.

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Sewing Your Own Cafe Curtains for Bathrooms

Sewing your own cafe curtains is a great beginner project. A pair of cafe curtains adds a touch of whimsy to your bathroom window. This project can be completed within an afternoon, so it is a great way to spend a rainy weekend day.  To complete this project, you will need a sewing machine, straight pins, measuring tape and scissors.

Bathroom Cafe CurtainBathroom Cafe Curtain

The first thing you should do is you must pick out a lightweight cotton fabric for the curtains. Like mentioned above you can use your unused handkerchiefs. Keep the color scheme of the room in mind when choosing the fabric. Solid colors, gingham or stripes will all make great curtains. Use a thread that matches the fabric to sew them

After you choose your fabric, you can hang a curtain rod in the middle of the window. Measure the inside width of the window as well as the height from the middle of the window, where the curtain rod will hang, to the top of the sill. Cut two pieces of fabric. They will measure the width of the window wide. Their length will be the height from the rod to the sill plus 6 inches for the hem and the rod pocket.

Bathroom CurtainsBathroom Curtains

Fold the sides of each piece of fabric over half an inch, then over another half an inch. Pin along the sides, and then sew to hem. Fold the bottom of each fabric piece up 1 inch, then up another inch. Pin and stitch along the bottom.

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Make the curtain rod pocket by folding the top edge of each piece of fabric down 1 inch. Fold down another 3 inches, then pin in place. Stitch along the edge, and then sew another row of stitches 2 inches above the first row to make a pocket. Slide the finished curtains onto a curtain rod and hang in the window.

There are many options for you to have your own cafe curtains for bathrooms. You can select one type which fit your needs and wills.