How To Replace A Bathroom Sink

Bathroom sinks are available in different styles, designs, and dimensions. They are also made from materials like brass, glass, concrete, stone and porcelain. You have to be careful when you have a plan to get the new bathroom sink for your bathroom or perhaps only to replace the bathroom sink. Before you decide to replace your bathroom sink, you have to consider your budget, needs and interest as well.  There are many kinds of bathroom sinks include corner sinks, pedestal sinks, vessel sinks, under-mount sinks, antique sinks ant the drop in sinks. Before it is described how to replace a bathroom sink, there will be some information about bathroom sink’s style.

Replacing SinkReplacing Sink

Most of conventional sinks are made from porcelain. They may come in square, oval or round shapes. Porcelain is the most famous material of sinks since it is strong, waterproof and smooth. If you like to have a sink which have been personalized as your needs and desires, porcelain is easy to create a custom made sink. However, a sink that is made from porcelain is totally more expensive than other materials.

If you have a vintage or contemporary bathroom decor, it means that you have to adjust your bathroom sink with the decor. The best option for the decor is vanity mounted sinks because they are a popular option when it comes to bathroom remodeling and how to replace a bathroom sink.  The ultimate of the sinks compare than other sinks are they can save huge space and they can push your budget into minimally amount.

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Replace a SinkReplace a Sink

The other contemporary bathroom sinks are made from metal and glass. The glass sinks are available in unique and colorful look while the metal ones are made from chrome, brass, stainless steel or copper. While these are a bit more costly than the porcelain sinks, they can look amazing in the modern bathroom sink

Step by Step: How to Replace a Bathroom Sink

The first thing you should do is you have to prepare all the materials and tools. These are all the materials and tools you should prepare; tape measure, pipe wrench, pry bar, utility knife, adjustable wrench, screwdriver, soft towel, bathroom sink, faucet, trap, tailpiece, supply lines, silicone caulk or plumber’s putty, and plumber’s tape.

How to replace sinkHow to replace sink

After all the materials and tools have been prepared, you can start by measuring length, width, and depth of current sink. To get the best result, you should do double-check measurements or ask someone else to check measurements.

Then, the next thing you should do is measure the width of counter top. You also should measure distance from front of sink to edge of counter top and from back of sink to wall or back splash. Replacement sink should be same size or slightly larger than original sink.

Bathroom SinkBathroom Sink

After all the measurement has been completed, your next job is to remove the old sink. The first step to remove it is by turning off water supply at valves under sink or at main supply. Then, turn on faucets to make sure water is off. After that, you have to place bucket under trap and remove trap and tailpiece. You have to work from below, loosen or break clips beneath old sink.  Using a utility knife, you must cut seal around old sink. Then, pry loose old sink and remove it.

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The next step is time to install the new faucet and drain assembly. First task of this part is you have to thoroughly clean vanity surface. Place new sink on soft towel and Install faucet. Then, the last task is you must install and loosely tighten drain assembly.

Bath RemodelBath Remodel

Install the sink is the next job you should do. What you have to do is you must turn new sink upside-down on towel and run 1/4-inch bead of caulk under rim. Then, lower sink into place, pressing down firmly and wiping off excess caulk. And the final task is you have to install clips.

After installing the sink, you should connect the supply lines. Tighten drain assembly and connect supply lines to faucet tailpieces. Then, connect stopper assembly. Install tailpiece between trap and drain assembly. After that, install trap and you have to make sure all connections are tight. To check the connection, you must turn water back on and check for leaks. If leaks appear, tighten slip nuts carefully until water stops.

Plumber working on sinkPlumber working on sink

After all those steps done, you have already been success in replacing a bathroom sink. By getting to know the step by step of how to replace a bathroom sink above, you can do the project by yourself. However, if you are not kind of do-it-yourself person, it is better for you to hire a professional plumber to do the project in order to get the  best result.