Bathroom Paint Color Schemes

Choosing the best bathroom paint color schemes for your bathroom is the big task in order to get a beautiful bathroom. The type of color used in a bathroom must be washable as the bathroom is an area which is mostly damp. Before painting the bathroom, you must ensure that the black mold in the bathroom must be removed. Also, before applying paint, you must see to it that the areas which get damp due to shower steam or due to any other reason must be cleaned and kept dry for painting purposes. A paint that is resistant to mold and mildew is the right choice for bathroom paint ideas. Also, these paints are washable and durable, as they can withstand the humid conditions. As they are washable and can be cleaned from time to time these paints are perfect for fighting against mold, dust and moisture.

Bathroom Accessories WhiteBathroom Accessories White

Bathroom Paint Color Schemes Ideas

The first idea of bathroom paint color is dreamy blue color combinations. A number of blue hues have made their way into the bathroom space, ranging from neutral blues to deep, vibrant shades of turquoise. Blues are a great choice because they mix extremely well with a number of other colors including white, black, yellows, greens, reds, beiges and so forth. Consider pairing a light turquoise blue with a bright pop of red for retro bathroom design ideas, or pair a dreamy sea-green with warm chocolate brown for spa-like decorating ideas.

Blue and White BathBlue and White Bath

Black and white could be your bathroom paint choices that can create your bathrooms seem to ooze elegance. If you are daring enough, why not paint the walls a high gloss black. Paired with white fixtures and gold or silver accents, this can create a space that really pops. Just be sure to have plenty of natural and artificial light in these bathroom designs, as black can also make the space feel extremely dark. If you have the budget, consider adding tubular skylights or a large skylight to help keep the space bright but elegant. You can also pair a black and white color scheme with a number of other colors to create accents or pops of colors. Popular choices include red, turquoise and pink.

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Black and White BathroomBlack and White Bathroom

Neutral colors never go outdated. Neutrals are generally in the white, beige, tan, or gray family. Color creates feeling. Bathrooms typically represent a small space in which to convey sensibility, and in which a variety of pampering activities will take place. Variations of white, beige, tan and gray are all considered neutrals. A neutral color creates a calm, tranquil mood. Neutrals also evoke the feeling of more space in a smaller room. Fixtures of various metals and textures will become focal points, and appliances like sinks and tubs will blend into the background in this kind of color scheme, enhancing elegance.

Yellow Pink BathYellow Pink Bath

Bold colors are the next ideas for your bathroom paint. Bold colors can work well even in small spaces.  Bright, bold colors in the primary shades of red, blue and yellow are energetic, lively and exciting. Take care not to overwhelm the space with saturated, deep shades of these rich colors.

Light Pink BathroomLight Pink Bathroom

Monochromatic colors in the purple family are also good options for your bathroom paint. Monochromatic color schemes in design refer to the use of shades and tints of one major color. A monochromatic scheme in purple, for example, could include the light tint of a lavender lilac bloom, the rich hue of the amethyst stone, and the deep shade of a ripe plum. Single color themes can create moods dependent on the color used, whether warm or cool. Warm colors like red, orange and yellow create a cozy, intimate feel. Cool colors like blue, green and purple create a spacious, tranquil, airy feel. One design tip Winship suggests when choosing in the green or yellow family is to choose a tint or shade that complements skin tone. Certain hues of these families can cast unpleasant shadows that do not mix well against skin shades, causing issues with make-up application and overall feel in a space.

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Glamour Red BathroomGlamor Red Bathroom

Getting the correct bathroom paint color schemes is wonderful way to get a beautiful bathroom. That’s why you may not underestimate the function of the color schemes since they can set your mood in the bathroom.