Lighted Mirrors For Bathrooms

Lighted mirrors for bathrooms are important fixtures to have in a bathroom.  Bathroom mirror is the place where most people get ready in the morning, particularly for women who wear make-up; the correct lighting helps to smooth the activity when you use the mirror. Although choosing the appropriate bathroom lighting to surround your mirror is not difficult, you should plan carefully to help flatter the space as well as your appearance.

Creating Lighted Mirrors for Bathrooms

The first thing to do is you have to determine what style your bathroom design and decor reflect. Your light fixtures will look best when they complement the other fixtures in the room. For example, if you have an old iron claw-foot tub, a chandelier or pendant light looks stunning, but if your bathroom features a stone walk-in shower, something more modern would be appropriate.

Bathroom Lighted Mirrors IdeasBathroom Lighted Mirrors Ideas

A bathroom mirror framed with lights is ideal for putting on make-up, which is why old Hollywood dressing rooms showcased big lighted mirrors. You can recreate this effect in your bathroom by adding vanity lighting above the mirror as well as along the sides. If vanity lights are not your style, light sconces installed along the sides of your bathroom mirror are a good alternative. The ideal placement for side mirror lighting is a width of 30 inches apart and a height of about 66 inches above the floor. This placement helps prevent shadows on your face.

Bathroom Lighting Fixtures MirrorBathroom Lighting Fixtures Mirror

If facial lighting is your primary concern, choose light fixtures with translucent globes or shades to avoid the harsh glare of clear globes or the shadowy effects of opaque globes. If your primary concern is lighting design, fixtures with clear or opaque globes work well from a style standpoint. The best bulbs for lighting a bathroom mirror are typically either cool white or incandescent bulbs. Compact florescent bulbs also work well, and they can save money and energy.

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Double MirrorDouble Mirror

Adding a dimmer switch to the lights around your bathroom mirror is a great idea. A dimmer switch will allow you to adjust the light levels to preview how you will look in different settings, which can be especially helpful when you are preparing to go out for the evening.

You can install the lights yourself by carefully following all the manufacturer’s instructions and safety recommendations. However, if you are adding lights to an area where the wiring is not already present, you may want to hire a professional to do the installation.

Another Form of Lighted Mirrors for Bathrooms

Illuminated Bathroom Mirror LedIlluminated Bathroom Mirror Led

A lighted mirror will add a creative flair to the room wherever you place it. If you usually have a mirror in your vanity, why don’t try to have another kind of mirrors; lighted wall mirrors. The mirrors come with LED lighting and that actually means you can customize your mirror.  In keeping with the color of the room where you intend to fix the lighted mirror you can choose from a rainbow palette and the brightness will also be under your control. If you want to make a bold statement turn up the intensity or mellow it down if you want it soft and comforting.

Lighted Mirrors for BathroomsLighted Mirrors for Bathrooms

By having lighted wall mirrors in your bathroom you will have several advantages. If your bathroom is dimly lit you will not have a problem shaving and there are less chances of nicking yourself. If you have a small bathroom that has no natural light a lighted mirror comes in handy. The mirror will not also have to depend on the main source of light in the room that often falls on the mirror resulting in clear reflection. With an illuminated mirror you will get a clear reflection. You can also get the mirror in various styles and designs. The state of the art designs with the mesmerizing lights truly make lighted mirrors a work of art of the highest caliber.

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Now it is your time to choose your own lighted mirrors for bathrooms. You can choose to decorate your vanity mirror with the lights by yourself or you can purchase the ready-made lighted wall mirrors. The decision is yours.