Pictures For Small Bathrooms: Inspirations For Your Remodeling Project

Pictures for small bathrooms are always looked for by many people. Small is relative; it is different from one and another. However, small bathroom can be said as a bathroom that has a little place to move. You will feel that your bathroom is full of things and you cannot move as you want. You perhaps also feel your bathroom is as crowded as a market. When this feeling come to your mind, it means that you have lost your comfort zone of your bathroom. Now, it is the time to change your mind; small does not always mean no comfort. You can own your comfort bathroom, although it is small.

Pictures for Small Bathrooms; Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Small Bathroom DesignSmall Bathroom Design

Here you can see some pictures that perhaps can give you inspirations to arrange and decorate your small bathroom. However, before you see the pictures, it is better to see some tips to make your small bathroom looks larger.

Think of your bathing habit; whether you spend your much time with showering or taking a bath. If you then realize you spend much more time to take a shower, it is better to throw away your bathtub. As we know, the size of bathtub tends to be big and it will take much place in your bathroom. So, if you never use your tub, why don’t you throw it away to get an extra space to move?

Small Bathroom Ideas

You still get confused for throwing your tub away because it will give you any risk when you plan to sell your house one day? As we know, home buyers prefer having home with bathtub. Stop confused! You can still have an extra space to move by installing your shower head above your tub instead of installing it in another part of your bathroom. Don’t forget to complete it with shower curtain and you will get a simple shower stall with your tub as your shower floor. However, you must be careful when you take a shower because it can be so slippery, especially for elderly and children.

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The other option is turn your bathroom into wet room, which means you can put your shower anywhere you like. However, you will have your floor getting wet entirely.

Small Bathroom InspirationSmall Bathroom Inspiration

The last option is to put a corner shower enclosure in your bathroom. It is better to choose an enclosure with a glass door, so it will give larger effect to your bathroom. However, you should consider the size of your enclosure. Find the right size of the enclosure, which fits in your bathroom so you still have extra space to move.

Small Bathroom PictureSmall Bathroom Picture

Those are four simple shower ideas for small bathrooms, you can choose which one is the best for you, or perhaps you can consult to a professional interior designer to solve your problem. Besides those fours shower ideas, you also have to choose smaller toilet and tub so the space will be enough for your bathroom.  The other things you can do; you should use pedestal sinks rather than large vanity cabinets to save space. You have to be mindful of the “door swing.” In a small bathroom, it can take up as much as 25% of the room. You have to forget your dream to put a window in your small bathroom because it can take up valuable space and make it harder to place large units, such as shower and tub. You may place toilet, sink, and shower or tub along one wall to mitigate costs.

Small BathroomSmall Bathroom

The next tips you can try to apply is you should use lighter paint colors to make the room feel airier and larger. Laying ceramic or resilient tile at a diagonal can make your small bathroom feel less cramped. If you feel fine about linen closets and you have closet space just outside of the bathroom, you can store your towels there, instead of taking up valuable space inside the bathroom. The last thing you could do is you have to keep the trim proportional to the size of the bathroom itself.

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By applying those tips, you could have your small bathrooms looks larger. Then you can mix your ideas with some pictures for small bathrooms here to get some advantageous inspirations.