Small Sinks For Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms are big challenge to every home owner. How to overcome limited space in small bathrooms is a big homework. One way to save the space is by selecting the correct sinks for the bathroom. Small sinks for small bathrooms are the answer for your homework of saving spaces.

Wood SinkWood Sink

Types of Small Sinks for Small Bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom then corner sink could be a cool choice for you. Corner sinks are great because they utilize those small spaces that other sinks cannot fit into. One of the most elegant examples of such sinks is the corner sink Piccolo by Lacava. Smooth curved lines make it very refine and attractive. Besides it has a useful polished chrome towel holder, which also helps to make your bathroom more roomy. In spite of the fact that this porcelain sink has a very compact size it could perfectly decorate any contemporary bathroom. Combining this small bathroom sink with right modern faucet you could create a very nice and functional part of your bathroom design.

Black Pedestal SinkBlack Pedestal Sink

The other sinks for small bathrooms are pedestal sinks. There are many designs of pedestal sinks for small bathrooms. The general design is usually placed on the wall. Modern pedestal sinks which are available both in the local store and online store now can beautify your small bathrooms. A first beautiful design which can be your choice for your small bathroom is a pedestal sinks with supported by a ceramic or porcelain. The benefit of the design is compact, so you can fit it within your small bathroom.

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Unique Pedestal SinkUnique Pedestal Sink

The next choice is corner pedestals. This is a good pedestal sink for small bathrooms because it can be arranged neatly into a small area and leaving more enough room for your mobility around the bathroom.

Small Bathroom Sink DesignSmall Bathroom Sink Design

Another beautiful choice is vessel sinks. Although simple, but its appearance which features small bowls on top of a bathroom cabinet, shelf or a special stand built for the sink can beautify your small bathroom. Like another pedestal sink for small bathroom, it is placed on the wall to maximize your mobility inside the room. Vessel sinks come in various beautiful colors, shapes and sizes and they are getting match with both traditional and contemporary bathroom designs.

Small Vessel SinkSmall Vessel Sink

If you feel that you are modern enough, this last option perhaps can be your choice. A wall mounted sink with simple and elegant in material and design can beautify your small bathroom environment.

Most of pedestal sinks offer no storage because it tends to be small and does not have function to save many things. So it is better if you place shelves or small cabinet either above or beside the sink for keeping accessories such as soap, shampoo, etc.

Small Bathroom Sink IdeaSmall Bathroom Sink Idea

Small sinks for small bathrooms are exactly a problem solver for overcoming limited space. It is your decision to choose what style of small sinks that fit best your needs and bathroom decor.