Moen Bathroom Faucets Repair

Moen single handle bathroom faucetMoen single handle bathroom faucet

Moen Bathroom Faucets Repair – Moen faucets are amazing plumbing product since it offers the exact finish, style, durability and functionality.  The water gently cascades from the faucet are favorite of everyone. Moen is in reasonable price with high functionality. Is it easy to do moen bathroom faucets repair by ourselves? Well, if you are able to install faucets yourself, it does not matter. But if not, plumbing leaks would be big trouble to face and calling the plumber is the right answer.

How to repair moen bathroom faucets leak

Moen double handle bathroom faucetMoen double handle bathroom faucet

Actually, repairing the moen bathroom faucets is easy enough. It is simple to install a new moen faucet cartridge. Moen bathroom faucets operate on the same principals of any other shower faucet. However, every bathroom faucet design is unique and a Moen single handle bathroom faucet repair will be different than Moen’s two handle design. First step in repairing the faucet is making sure that the water supply to the shower has been turned off. You will then need to remove the handle by using a flat-head screw driver to force open the cap and also remove the handle’s retaining screw. The screws holding the plate against the shower is needed to remove then remove the plate. Once the plate has been removed, unscrew the faucet valve’s retaining nut using a shower stem socket. Grab the shower cartridge with a pair of pliers and pull straight out to remove the shower cartridge. Next step is removing the remaining nut of the faucet’s valve by inserting a shower stem socket into it and turning it counterclockwise. After that, put the valve’s plate against the shower wall. With the use of a screwdriver, tighten the retaining screw of the plate. Finally, Slip the handle over the faucet and tighten the handle’s screw, then press the handle’s cap over the retaining screw of the handle.

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When you are sure that everything is tight, turn the water supply back on and check the system for leaks or if the water cannot flow in the faucet. This will conclude that you have succeeded doing Moen bathroom faucets repair. For you, who have problem with Moen kitchen faucet leak, you may click here to read the instructions to fix it.