Which Is The Best Hand Dryers For Bathrooms?

Hand dryers for bathrooms are important electric devices which must be found in any public washrooms. They may either operate with a button or automatically using an infrared sensor to dry hands.

Types of Hand Dryers for Bathrooms

There are two main types of hand dryers; high speed hand dryer and automatic/ infrared sensor activated hand dryer.

The first type is high speed hand dryers. Not only are they better for the user, and not only can you get more users through a busy bathroom, but they are vastly more energy efficient than traditional hand dyers.  That is because they use less energy and they are on for a shorter period of time.  There is one major trade off to high speed hand dryers and this as that they are louder than slower hand dryers.  There is almost a directly proportional relationship between time to dry and level of noise.  There are a lot of quiet hand dryers available, usually at a good price, but you are giving up performance.

Automatic hand dryerAutomatic hand dryer

The second type is automatic / infrared sensor activated hand dryer.  An automatic hand dryer is more hygienic since the user never touches it and it also saves energy since it stops running as soon as you remove your hands.  Automatic hand dryers have become so much more popular than push button dryers that all of the new, fast hand dryers are designed with only an automatic option.

Hand Dryers for Bathrooms: Some Products

Here are some hand dryer products that can be your choice. You can compare the advantages and disadvantages of the products to get the best hand dryer as your choice.

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Dyson Hand dryerDyson Hand dryer

The first hand dryer recommendation product is Dyson AB04 Hand Dryer. At about a 10 second dry time, The Dyson Airblade is the fastest hand dryer on the market today.  Because of its effectiveness and the unique operation of the Dyson, the Airblade is one of the most popular hand dryers on the market.  The user places his or her hands down into the Airblade and the water is scraped off as the hands are removed.  The Airblade also has a HEPA filter in it so that the air hitting your hands is cleaner than the air in the rest of the restroom.  People just love using these dryers and they will talk about their experience even after they leave the establishment.  At a base price of $1,199.00 the Dyson Airblade is more expensive than other hand dryers, but it lends a very upscale image to the establishment.

Bathroom Hand DryersBathroom Hand Dryers

The second recommendation product is Excel Xlerator XL-SB. Excel Dryer started the high-speed hand drying craze with the introduction of the Xlerator in 2000.   This is the dryer that wrinkles your hands when you put them under it and sounds like a jet plane taking off.  “Feel the Power,” is their logo and they really mean it. It is made in Massachusetts, USA. This is about a 12 second hand dryer.   It is well made, very affective and very popular.  The Xlerator goes very well in bars and restaurants factories and other commercial environment. There are a number of hand dryers that are similar to effectiveness of the Xlerator but with different takes.

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hand dryer modernhand dryer modern

The next optional hand dryer is World Dryer SmartDri Hand Dryer. The Smartdri is a really great new hand dryer by Illinois based World Dryer.   This is a high speed hand dryer that has 5 air outlets instead of one, so it disperses the air more evenly over the hands.  At full speed, the Smartdri is on the noisy side, but this dryer can be adjusted to turn the speed of the motor, and therefore the noise level down.  At its lowest level this is a very quiet hand dryer.  You can also turn of the heating element and so the Smartdri can be set to a very low energy consumption level.  Of course you give up performance when you turn the motor down, but it is great to have that option in case you install the dryer and then realize it is too loud.

hand dryerhand dryer

If you want durability above all else and a high speed hand dryer, you may opt for the World Dryer AirMax.  While all of the hand dryers are well made and even the polycarbonate cover Dyson AB04 hand dryer is vandal resistant, you cannot beat the Airmax for good old fashioned durability.  The AirMax is made from the World Dryer Model A shell that has been tried and tested over the years.  AirMax Model M with Pushbutton Activation has a push button as well as an automatic version, so if you want both push button and high speed, this is a good alternative.  The AirMax is about a 15 second hand dryer.

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Hand dryers for bathrooms are must to have in public restroom to enable customers drying their hands easily and quickly after washing their hands.