How To Build A Bathroom Vanity ?

Vanity Design Diagram

Bathroom vanities are decorative storage units. A bathroom vanity is basically the cabinet under the sink. You can store all sorts of items there, such as towels, toothpaste, etc. Bathroom vanities can have drawers as well as shelves. Here is a wonderful way to give your bathroom an elegant look for not too much money. However, a high quality bathroom vanity usually has expensive price and some people cannot afford to have it. So, for you who want to have a beautiful vanity but you do not have much money, why don’t you try to simply transform your old dresser that you keep in your storage into a bathroom vanity? Well, you will think it is a great idea but how to build a bathroom vanity from an old dresser? Follow these simple instructions and you will have a new bathroom vanity in no time at all.

How to Build a Bathroom Vanity: Step by Step

To start your project of building a bathroom vanity, you should prepare some materials such as: dresser, sink, and sheet of Formica, faucet wood glue, jig saw, tape measure and pencil.

3D Vanity Design3D Vanity Design

After all the materials needed are ready, you can follow the steps of building a bathroom vanity. First, figure out exactly how the sink will fit into the dresser. Check if any of the dresser drawers are in the way. If they are, pull out the drawers, detach the drawer face and discard the back, sides and bottom. Glue the drawer face to the cabinet where the drawer opening is.

Bath VanityBath Vanity

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The next step, you should place the sink template on the dresser where the sink will be. Trace the template onto the Formica. If there is no template, turn the sink upside down and place it on the right spot. Trace an outline of the sink on the Formica. You could use your old sink, but it’s not advisable, because it will be hard to fit new plumbing into an old sink.

Vanity CabinetVanity Cabinet

Next, cut out the hole for the sink using the jig saw. Cut a hole in the back of the dresser with the jig saw, to accommodate the plumbing. Place the new vanity in its proper place against the wall in the bathroom. Set the sink in place. Then, install the faucet and attach the plumbing. If you’re not handy with plumbing, call a plumber to do the plumbing work.

Vanity FrameVanity Frame

Well, after you know how to build a bathroom vanity, it is your time to build your own vanity.