All Things You Need About Harbor Breeze Bathroom Fans

If you are looking for a steady bathroom fan, Harbor Breeze Bathroom Fans can be your choice. There are many types of Harbor Breeze fans, below will be described two types of the fans and also the ways to install this bathroom fans.

Some Products of Harbor Breeze Bathroom Fans

Bath Fan Harbor BreezeBath Fan Harbor Breeze

The first popular product of Harbor Breeze fans is Harbor Breeze HR 80209 Bathroom Fan Chrome with Light. It is sold approximately for $64.99. the product features UL listed for use over shower or tub enclosure with GFCI circuit, 50 CFM and 2.0 sones. It is enough for rooms up to 45 square feet. It has five year limited warranty. It is completed with 2-A15 60 watt standard bulb, but is not included in the selling package.

Bathroom Fan Harbor BreezeBathroom Fan Harbor Breeze

This Harbor Breeze fan is a perfect fan for a small room. Understated scalloped glass design with a chrome finial. Finials allow for easy glass removal for cleaning and revamping. With styles ranging from classic to contemporary, Harbor Breeze bathroom fans are designed to work beautifully in today’s baths. Their unique Designer Collection offer rich metal finishes like those found on our famous ceiling fans, including Brushed Nickel, Imperial bronze, Aged Bronze, Satin White and Chrome.

Harbor Breeze Bath FanHarbor Breeze Bath Fan

The second popular product from Harbor Breeze is Harbor Breeze White 110 CFM Bathroom Fan with Light. This product features fan box with 10.5 inches length, 8.13 inches height and 10.25 inches width, ten year warranty and MUL safety lighting. The color is white and the motor housing color is finished black. The package contains bath fan, two Light Bulbs, two Brackets and installation screws.

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This product is good for your choice because it has Energy Star qualified and it has 110 CFM capacity. The sound level is 1.2 Sones. It also equipped with night light. This bathroom fan is enough for rooms up to 105 square feet. It is sold approximately for $129.

Harbor Breeze Bathroom FanHarbor Breeze Bathroom Fan

How to Install Harbor Breeze Bathroom Fans

The first thing you should prepare ladder, screwdriver, Harbor Breeze fan kit, and wire nuts.

After preparing all the materials needed, you have to cut power to the existing ceiling fixture, at the house fuse box. Remove the existing fixture by extracting the screws holding it to the ceiling, lowering it, then disconnecting the wires above it. Leave the wires from the house circuit hanging down from the exposed electrical box.

Harbor Breeze FanHarbor Breeze Fan

Then what you should do after that step is you should install the mounting bracket from the Harbor Breeze fan kit onto the electrical box, using the machine screws that came with the bracket. Connect the bare grounding wire from the box around the green screw on the bracket. Let the other wires (generally, one black and one white) hang down through the opening in the bracket.

The next step you must follow is you must take your fan unit up the ladder (without the blades attached yet) and hang it from the small hook on the bracket. Then, you should wire the fan by attaching like-colored wires (white to white, black to black) from the box to the fan. Make each connection by holding the wire ends next to each other and twisting on a wire nut.

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Harbor BreezeHarbor Breeze

After that, lift the fan unit up to the ceiling. Then you can line up the screw holes between the fan unit and the mounting bracket and inserting the provided screws. Attach the fan blades with the screws that came with the kit. Turn the power back on.

Those are everything you should know about Harbor Breeze bathroom fans. Hopefully these can be a beneficial guideline for you to choose the best product of Harbor breeze and install the product.