How To Redo A Bathroom?

Bathroom RemodelBathroom Remodel

Redoing a bathroom can be as simple as new accessories and a fresh coat of paint. You can start the project with purchase inexpensive accessories at outlet stores and discount department stores to save money. The project, from top to bottom, completed in a weekend’s time, leaves a refreshed, sparkling bathroom for years of enjoyment. Here are all things you have to know related how to redo a bathroom.

The best way to redo a bathroom is to repaint, and install new vanity mirrors, light fixtures, exhaust fan cover, faucet, drain, medicine cabinet, bathroom accessories, shower curtain, cabinet hardware, doorknob and toilet.

How to Redo a Bathroom: Step by Step

The first step you should do is you must clean the bathroom thoroughly. Clean the walls, sink, toilet and fixtures. Sort and throw away any unwanted items from under the vanity or its drawers. Dispose of all bath accessories, rugs and shower curtain. Scrub the grout joints in the tile, walls and floor with a tile grout cleaner purchased at any home improvement store.

The second step is you can apply a fresh new coat or two of paint. Painting produces big results with a small expense. Paint the walls, ceiling, baseboards, door and inside the vanity cabinet if applicable. After that, you can replace the vanity mirror. An old mirror can quickly take away the appeal of a bathroom. There are many styles and sizes to choose from.

Retro Bath RedoingRetro Bath Redoing

The next step of redoing bathroom is changing the light fixture. You can complete an inexpensive upgrade like this without hiring an electrician. After changing the light fixture, you ma y replace the cover on the old exhaust fan. Exhaust fan covers can yellow over time. If replacing it is not in the budget, you can paint it.

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Install a new faucet is the next step of redoing a bathroom. If the faucet is beyond cleaning, replacing it is an easy project with moderate home improvement skills. Most new faucets come with a new drain assembly, which will enhance the sink’s appearance. The next step is replacing the medicine cabinet. Medicine cabinets are typically held in place by four to six screws, so they are easy to remove and replace.

After that, you can start to purchase new accessories. Replace throw rugs, towels, towel bars, soap dishes and soap dispensers. Matching accessory bundles are available at department and discount stores. Hang a new shower curtain and its rings will beautify your bathroom. Replace the old one and purchase a new one that adds life to the bathroom.

Top Bath RemodelTop Bath Remodel

Complete your bathroom redoing by replacing the cabinet hardware. Hundreds of styles and finishes are available at home improvement stores and hardware suppliers. Replace the bathroom doorknob. It is probably the first thing your guests will see. The last but not least thing to do is installing a new toilet or toilet seat. New toilets use less water than older models. This can save money spent on water bills and is good for the environment. Replacing the toilet seat is an inexpensive upgrade if a new toilet is not in the budget.

To do the project well and getting a good result, you should use drop cloths to protect flooring and furniture when painting. Do not forget to wear safety glasses and gloves when using cleaning products. Remember to use cleaning products only in well-ventilated areas.

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After you know that how to redo a bathroom is not as complicated as you think, you may start your bathroom redoing project now. Happy bathroom redoing!