Paint Ideas For Bathrooms

Black and White Bath Color

Paint ideas for bathrooms are needed for you who want to start your painting project. You have to remember that when you select bathroom paint, there is so much more to think of than just the color. Paint color is just one aspect of paint, and at this point is not as key as the durability of the paint. Any brand of paint can be tinted to almost any color you desire.

Tips of Paint Ideas for Bathrooms

There are paints that are designed specifically for bathrooms that can stand up well to the heat and humidity in the bathroom. Most name brands carry a line of paint for a bathroom. But if you cannot find one that you like, other choices are available to you. One key for good bathroom paint is the sheen or finish of the paint. There are many different surface finishes to choose from.

A gross flat finish provides great coverage. It is a matte, or no shine, finish. This type of paint is really good for areas that have little traffic. But it is not good for bathrooms for two reasons; bathrooms are a high traffic area, and flat paint absorbs moisture like a sponge.

Blue Bath ColorBlue Bath Color

Eggshell surface is a slightly shinier finish than flat paint, but shares the fact that it soaks up moisture. Paints having these finishes will peel right off the wall. Satin surface finish got the same soft shine as the satin fabric from which it gets its name. It makes a good paint for a bathroom that’s used less often, like a guest bathroom, or for a half bath.

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The best choices for bathroom paint are either a semi-gloss or a high-gloss finish. The ingredient that makes them shiny also helps them to repel moisture. Both work very well in bathrooms that see a lot of traffic. But many people think that high-gloss paint is too shiny to be used as full coverage for all the walls. If you agree, then a semi-gloss paint is what you should choose.

Blue Brown ColorBlue Brown Color

After considering the paint finish, before you go for selection of paint colors, you must know what type of paint you will be using for your bathroom. The most important factor to be considered here is that the bathroom has to endure a lot of water, steam and moisture. Such damp conditions provide a great abode for mold and mildew. Hence, it is imperative that the paint you choose, should be mold resistant and water repellent. The best type of paint for bathroom is interior latex with a mildew inhibitor added to it. Some people may invest in an exterior latex paint, considering its antifungal properties. However, the use of such chemical based paints for bathroom is not advisable, considering the small size of the bathroom.  After considering all those items, you can start selecting your favorite colors for your bathrooms.

Glamour White and Red BathGlamor White and Red Bath

The choice of color depends on your individual preferences. Although, most people go for light, pastel shades for bathroom, bright bathroom paint colors are also not unusual. One factor that should be taken into consideration while choosing a bathroom color is the size of the bathroom. The color selection criteria for a normal room apply here as well. Light, cool shades create an illusion of a spacious bathroom, while warm, dark shades make it look smaller than it actually is. Hence, if you already have a spacious bathroom, you have ample options for choosing colors in all shades; however, those with smaller bathrooms should strictly stick to lighter shades. Moreover, light, pastel shades create a soothing, tranquilizing ambiance. Such calm ambiance will sure remind you of a spa, especially after a hard day’s work. Moreover, such light colors complement almost all types of bathroom designs and bathroom decor. Dark, warm colors are apt for adding a dramatic effect to your bathroom. If your bathroom is a part of your master-bedroom, you can go for the same color as that of your room or you may treat is as a separate entity all together.

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Faux bathroom painting ideas include sponging, glazing and ragging, which look great on bathroom walls. However, if you do not wish to go for one, you can also choose from various paint ideas with special effects. Similarly, the ceiling also gives you a lot of scope for creativity. You can go for traditional method of painting the ceiling white or you may also paint it a shade or two darker than that of the walls. This will make the bathroom look roomier than it is.

Purple Bath ColorPurple Bath Color

Other color ranges for bathroom walls can include whites, either go monochromatic with white accessories as well, or use accessories to inject bright or subtle color. Cream, beige, taupe shades also work nicely with pastel or deep accessory colors. Green and blue accessories go especially well with sandy or yellowy colors. Blues like ice blue, robin’s egg blue, light sky blue, grey-blue or pale turquoise works very well with white, green yellow or lavender/purple accessories. Pinks and peaches are not very trendy right now as pale colors, but if you like them, you can go for it. They can feel very warm and comforting. Great with purples, reds, browns and greens as accessory colors.

Paint ideas for bathrooms are great for getting the best painting result. Happy painting!