Finding The Best Bathroom Window Privacy

Does your bathroom have one or more walls that look out on the outside world? This gives you a perfect opportunity to let in some natural light. Of course, you also want to retain privacy in this room. Heavy drapes make a small space look cramped and gauzy sheer curtains won’t give you enough opacity. However, there are plenty of bathroom window privacy options that will let the sun in while keeping out prying eyes.

Bathroom BlindsBathroom Blinds

Consideration on Finding the Best Bathroom Window Privacy

The first thing to consider is location specific. Consider placing casement windows close to the ceiling. These let in the daylight and can even be opened to air out the bathroom and keep humidity low. They are too high for passersby or neighbors to peer through. If you prefer a window that doesn’t open, you may consider to use a nautical style round window.

Bathroom WindowsBathroom Windows

Partially opaque is the second thing you can consider. Frosted panes are a good option for bathrooms if you want a large picture window. Just make sure the etching is consistent enough to provide your desired amount of coverage. For smaller windows, consider decorative stained glass. These work best in a bathroom that is painted a neutral ivory or white color to really show off the colored light from the artful window panes.

The Bathroom Window Privacy

There are many materials are made into window privacy. You can choose one that suits your needs and desires.

Glass Bathroom WindowGlass Bathroom Window

Glass block windows, made of cubes of thick glass, are another choice that provides a “distorted” view of the outside while letting in the sun. Some installers can even build shower stalls out of this type of material allowing you to carry the motif from the window to the rest of the bathroom.

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Bathrooms have always been considered as a peaceful place to wind-down and relax after a hard day. So it’s no wonder why so many people want to spice them up. It’s also understandable why we all want our privacy which is why we carry such a large selection of bathroom windows with opaque, decorative and stained glass that not only looks good, but also does a terrific job of keeping out prying eyes.

Glass Window PrivacyGlass Window Privacy

Besides glass block windows, you can also choose a less expensive alternative for translucent bath windows. In the past a homeowner looking for privacy in an exterior bathroom window was limited to acrylic or glass block, installing window privacy film, or very expensive leaded or frosted glass. Exciting developments in polymer technology have made possible the illusion of fine leaded/beveled glass and other unique patterns and designs. These windows are easy to install, require little maintenance, and provide the translucency you need to obtain a higher level of privacy.

Window DoorWindow Door

The most common styles of windows for bathrooms are obviously the traditional double hung, casement and slider designs but decorative and acrylic glass block windows have become the new style for modern homes. They provide beautiful appeal along with opaque, tinted, stained and decorative glass designs that accomplish everything you want from a bathroom window. However, there are still some styles of bathroom windows. Casement / Awning Windows work great for any bathrooms and especially over showers. Bow and Bay Windows are great when used over garden tubs and offer maximum light and extra space. Garden Windows are very popular bathroom windows that fit in small areas and provide extra storage space. Picture Windows work well for tight areas but don’t allow air flow.

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Window Privacy ShadeWindow Privacy Shade

Bathroom window privacy will not only give you privacy for your bathing session, but also a beauty attached to your bathroom.