How To Remove Bathroom Tile

Bathroom tiles are meant to be permanent; however, there are many occasions in which it will become necessary to learn how to remove bathroom tile. When bathroom tiles become worn out or chipped, it is necessary to learn how to remove bathroom tiles so that you can replace them. Remodeling a bathroom is another instance of when it may become necessary to remove bathroom tiles. Removing bathroom tiles can be a bit of a challenge, however, but with some patience and the proper tools, it is possible to remove bathroom tiles.

Before starting your bathroom tile removing project, you must prepare the tools required, such as: flat head screwdriver, hammer, putty Knife, and grout removal tool for optional only.

Bathroom Demolition TileBathroom Demolition Tile

Step by Step of How to Remove Bathroom Tile

You can start with a loose tile. Find a loose or damaged bathroom tile to remove first. Pick a tile in the center of the area you wish to remove if there are no loose or damaged tiles present.

After that, you can start to remove the grout from the tile. Remove the first bathroom tile by using the hammer and flat head screwdriver to remove the grout surrounding the bathroom tile. Place the screwdriver in the grout surrounding the tile and hit it with the screwdriver to chip the grout loose. Repeat this step several times until the grout is loose or removed.

Removing Bathroom TileRemoving Bathroom Tile

After the grout is removed, now it is time to lift the tile. Lift the bathroom tile to remove it using the putty knife. Insert the putty knife under the tile by placing it almost parallel to the surrounding tile. Force the putty knife under the tile with the hammer. Wiggle the putty knife until the tile becomes loose.

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Then, the last step is removing additional bathroom tiles. Remove additional bathroom tiles using this same process. Once the first bathroom tile is removed, you should be able to remove additional bathroom tiles using just the putty knife. And now you have removed all the tiles in your bathroom.

Removing TileRemoving Tile

There are some tips related to remove bathroom tile, such as: grout removal tools can be purchased at the hardware store and are much easier to use when removing bathroom tiles, and drilling a hole in the center of the bathroom tile to break it into smaller pieces is another method of removing bathroom tiles.

Removing ceramic tiles requires some muscle and persistence. However, even though tiles are installed permanently, accidents and life happen so it’s nice to know you don’t have to live with an ugly loose or broken tile or even worse, tear down a whole wall just to repair a single bad one. That’s why it is a bright idea for getting to know how to remove bathroom tile.