Cost Of Remodeling Bathroom

Cost of remodeling bathroom may be various, depend on some reasons below:

Room Modification – Does your project entail expansion in any way? Are you knocking out a wall or two, and erecting another one somewhere else? If you are, you will need to account for expenses such as demolition (tear-out) and debris removal, rough/finish aspects of renovating this particular room, including all mechanical installation, painting, flooring, etc. Quite a bit of cost even before the fixtures and other items are installed as the finished product.

Bathroom Fixtures – You’re most likely going to want to remove the old bathroom fixtures in favor of new ones. Decide on the type of fixtures you would like to see in your new bathroom. Are you interested in replacing the old tub with a new one, or would you like to see some other inexpensive bathroom shower ideas? Same question applies to lavatory facilities. Believe it or not, you can spend some big bucks on a new toilet system if your inclination is to have ‘state of the art’ facilities.

Bathroom Remodeling CostBathroom Remodeling Cost

Cabinetry – As is the case with kitchen cabinets, custom-built bathroom vanity cabinets can be had – at a price. To save some of the cost of remodeling a bathroom, however, without cutting quality, you might consider installing stock bathroom vanity cabinets and counter tops. With the rise in popularity of big home-improvement stores, bigger selections and better craftsmanship are the now the norm.

Bathroom Floor – Are you partial to ceramic tile, hardwood, or an inexpensive high-quality vinyl floor? There are different types of flooring to suit most needs and budget requirements.

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Bathroom Renovation CostBathroom Renovation Cost

Don’t forget all the other things that go into the makings of a great bathroom remodel. Items such as: a stylish medicine cabinet, new lighting, and a lighted exhaust fan with heater.

Be sure that the focus of your style and decor options fit the intended size of the finished room. Say, for example, you want a large corner shower installed, make sure the floor plan allows ample spacing for anyone to be able to enter/exit a shower safely, and with ease and comfort. Same would true for installing the lavatory. Give people plenty of room where they feel comfortable and not crowded.

Cost of Remodeling Bathroom Types

Do It Yourself Costs – Average Costs Of Bathroom Remodeling A do it yourself bathroom remodeling project within the $5,000 range could include new drywall, upgrade of all the bathroom fixtures and tiles for the shower (use porcelain ones and the cost goes up); upgraded shower enclosure and or / bathtub re-touching and new trims or wood-stain around your bathroom windows and bathroom doors. This bathroom remodeling estimate does not include labor which is your own so if you must, do it when you have some time to spare.

When you hire contractors the costs range between $7,000 to $10,000 – you supply bathroom fixtures and bathroom tile (tiling labor is extra so add a couple more Ks). Electric and painting are extra as well – you can probably save on painting – most bathroom remodeling how to manuals will give you excellent bathroom remodeling tips on how to paint your bathroom.

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If your bathroom remodeling involves changing plumbing bathroom fixtures, this ranges between $1,000 and up if the job is more complicated (for example if you have to change and / or move the plumbing around).

Remodeling CostRemodeling Cost

National Average for Bathroom Remodeling -This estimate is based on a 35-40 square foot bathroom. All fixtures and other items quoted are basic and functional. The remodeling contractor would do the following: install a standard porcelain toilet, lay down moisture-resistant vinyl wallpaper or paint with latex paint, install a dip-coat 60″ long porcelain/steel tub and shower combination, install ceramic tile surround, around tub, with basic four-inch square tile, install a solid-surface counter with integrated sink, install single-lever shower control, install lighted combination mirror/medicine cabinet and lay down ceramic tile floor.

The consensus is that, on average, $16,000 to $17,500 would cover this type of bathroom remodeling project. Keep in mind that this is bare minimum. For many homeowners, this is just a functional second or third bathroom–far from the type of marble-and-chrome paradise you see featured in shelter magazines.

You can cut the cost of remodeling bathroom by aggressively shopping around for remodeling companies. Also, you can take on some of the easier jobs yourself, such as toilet installation and wall treatment projects.