Country Style Bathrooms

Anything antique or old will automatically build country style bathrooms. Therefore, shop for accessories in the bathroom that are of vintage or antique style. Replace the modern accessories with old or wooden ones. Wooden and iron cabinets and towel bars are most suitable for country style bathroom decor. You can even put wooden chests or shelves or a bathroom vanity if you have a large bathroom. Countertops made of marble or granite look elegant and contribute to the decor.

Tips for Creating Country Style Bathrooms

Antique Design BathroomAntique Design Bathroom

White porcelain faucets, large bathtubs and printed fabric shower curtains are perfect for a country style or rustic bathroom decor. If you wish to install vinyl curtains, shop for the ones with dark colors or those having floral or nature themed designs. Do not have bright-colored paint or wallpaper for the walls as softer shades will be more apt to the theme. Basic colors without any combinations can be used. The color of the bathroom flooring should match the walls or you can even go for old-fashioned tiles. Bathroom lighting with soft colored lights will add a softer look to the decor. You can even buy a chandelier or some old-fashioned lamps which will be just perfect in a country style bathroom.

Country Style Bath FixturesCountry Style Bath Fixtures

Wooden photo frames, wooden pegs and plaques, large engraved mirrors, cotton towels, rugs, etc. will create a country style ambiance in the bathroom. Scented colorful and decorative candles will also add to the beauty of your bathroom. If your budget does not allow entire bathroom remodeling, you can just add these old-fashioned accessories to decorate. You can even have a wicker basket for storage purposes. It is recommended not to add any luxury bathroom decoration accessories like a television, as it will definitely look out of place.

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Country Style Bathroom DesignCountry Style Bathroom Design

Neutral tones ranging from white to bone, earth tones, red barn, blues and greens are all perfect for the Country-style. Wooden cabinets can either be in bare wood, or can be given a rustic look by painting the unit and then rubbing off most of the paint. Once it dries, apply wood stain unevenly for an older weathered appearance. For those who are hesitant, Victorian Bathrooms has a good selection of wooden bathroom cabinets, especially prepared for the Country-style bathroom.

Taps and accessories are best in a worn brushed nickel finish,   although a chrome finish is also timeless. Victorian Bathrooms doesn’t recommend brass taps as this look eventually becomes ‘tired’ and it is important to maintain the freshness of a country morning. Freestanding baths with ball and claw feet continue the theme, as does tongue and groove wall cladding.

Country Style Bathroom IdeasCountry Style Bathroom Ideas

The floors are generally made of natural stone or wood materials. Wooden floors were traditionally constructed with boards that were bare and simply waxed and hand polished. If you like floor coverings, use oriental rugs and throws for visual warmth and color.

Finding lights that are both attractive and meet the regulations concerning the installation of electric lamps in bathrooms has previously been a problem, but Victorian Bathrooms has now launched a range of bathroom wall lights which are perfect for Country-style bathrooms.

Country Style BathroomCountry Style Bathroom

Plain white towels are recommended, and the use of wicker baskets for dirty laundry and for holding extra toilet rolls adds a homely quality. Flowers might be considered an unusual accessory for the bathroom, but they bring warmth and tranquility. Country-style bathrooms lend themselves to a mixed garden bunch and, as space is often at a premium, a jug or other upright container is an ideal holder. And for a romantic look, include plenty of candles and a comfortable chair.

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Country style Bathrooms are welcoming, unpretentious, friendly and practical.