Swing: The Bathroom Vanity From Handy Dandy Design

Handy Dandy Design presents Swing, the new bathroom vanity, designed by George Salama Robino .

Swing Bathroom VanitySwing Bathroom Vanity

Swing is composed of a sink in Corian color “glacier ice” and, thanks to an internal lighting system, it becomes a source of diffused light. A top in ebony as a setting emphasizing, in the game of contrasts, the purity and brightness of white. You simply tap the right side of the basin is to turn the light above the mirror and the sink itself, without any fear for their safety.

Swing 2 Bathroom VanitySwing 2 Bathroom Vanity

With its drawer, the horizontal wall element and the compartment inside the mirror, Swing is able to provide plenty of space organized. Swing addresses important safety requirements disappearing sockets and switches on the wall. To turn the light will simply tap the right side of Corian ® and the electrical outlets are located inside the compartment wall, where there is also an AM / FM radio and a base for i-pod.

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