Cubik Bathroom Furniture: Inspired By Nature

A “bathroom design” that speaks a language which is simple, fitting naturally in any environment and harmonizing with the most diverse housing styles, declinandosi design solutions of great originality: this is Cubik , the new collection of bathroom furniture by Idea Group signed the essential and rigorous, materials and colors reminiscent of nature.

cubik bathroom furniture and interior

Cubik offers the absolute geometrical purity, aesthetics rigorously where each element is reduced to “bare minimum” to its most essential form, as demonstrated by the absence of handles (replaced by grooved handle pass-through), characteristic of collection.

cubik bathroom night view

The bathroom furniture is proposed Cubik material effect in three finishes, natural colors and soft tactile sensation: laminate unicolor porphyry, slate and concrete, they create a modern bath room, the elegant timeless style.

The design is Cubik designed to maximize the characteristics of different materials which can be interpreted: the finish laminate unicolor porphyry and its feeling material creates an immediate appeal to the natural tones, the LEDs that provide backlighting discreetly provide the mirrors perfect lighting and comfortable use.

cubik bathroom slate

Cubik offers absolute essentiality can declined in different stylistic interpretations: the laminated version unicolor Slate, Kubik proposes a clear and definite contrast with the white ceramic sink terms: simplicity and rigor are associated with the intuition that defines the formal The semi-recessed basin, creating a highly original proposal. The details tell the perfect attention to detail and a solution of surprising features, guaranteeing an exceptional ability to contain and ease of access.

Cubik is absolute geometric purity that goes hand in hand with the need for an environment naturally nonchalant living areas of light and charm, defined by a rigorous aesthetic. In the proposed concrete area to a free combination of two materials: crystal white sand and the cement material laminate unicolor. The expressive potential of the subject inspires friendly functionality and perfect stylistic coherence, ensuring total ease of installation as well as allowing everyone to find their own custom solution.

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Atmosphere, balance of space: the environment belongs to those experiencing it, the subjective personality completes. The versatility of Cubik includes compositions that increase the functional value of the environment, complying with new life. Quality of the design and materials which results in quality of life of living and the bathroom space.