Paper Hand Towels For Bathrooms

People in the U.S. dry their hands on cloth bathroom towels approximately 200 billion times a year. The CDC guidelines for hand washing recommend hand drying with a single-use paper hand towels for bathrooms. Families have not had a practical alternative to traditional cloth hand towels in their home bathrooms until now.

Types of Paper Hand Towels for Bathrooms

Kleenex® Hand Towels are an innovative solution that delivers one clean, fresh, dry towel every time you wash your hands. Each and every box is specifically designed with you in mind: revolutionary packaging to fit seamlessly in any bathroom, either on a towel bar or countertop, dry-Touch™ fibers make each towel super absorbent for effective hand drying and bathroom wipe-ups, Cottony-Soft™ sheets, free of inks, dyes, and fragrances and Pop-Up® delivery system always keeps one clean, fresh, dry towel conveniently on hand.

Paper Towel for GuestPaper Towel for Guest

Paper guest towels for bathroom can be a great addition to your bathroom, especially if the bathroom is also meant for guest use as well. Actually, they are more effective than ordinary hand towels that are made of common materials. This is caused by the fact that ordinary hand towels are usually used more than once. This circumstance causes germs to be easily left on the hand towels and transmit to other users. Therefore, with advanced innovation of paper guest towels for bathroom, you can prevent this case to happen to your beloved persons.

As it has already been explained before that hand towels that are used more than once can easily spread germs from one person to another, thus make the innovation becomes a very significant inventory in this case. You can use the paper towel once then dispose it to a trash so the left germs cannot be transmitted to other people. This way you can keep not only your own health but other people’s as well.

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Paper Towels for BathroomPaper Towels for Bathroom

There are a lot of innovation and advanced inventories regarding paper guest towels for bathroom you can find out there. Some people claimed that paper guest towels are too plain and uninteresting than ordinary hand towels are. Ordinary hand towels are usually manufactured in various colors, designs and patterns.

Meanwhile, paper towels are mainly plain and white in color. However, there are several ways you can do to change this way of thinking. Here are several things you can customize in order to get a satisfying result in choosing paper guest towels for bathroom.

The first thing you can customize is the holder. Generally, there are two types of paper guest towel holders; wall mounted and free standing. A wall mounted type is constructed by two brackets that are attached to the wall. This kind of paper towels holder has a center rod to hold the paper towels.

On the other hand, free standing paper towels holder is meant to be place on a bathroom vanity. Commonly, the most-used paper guest towels holders are those that are made of acrylic, wood and stainless steel since these materials can easily suit any bathroom themes.

Sofpull Paper Towel RollSofpull Paper Towel Roll

Another accessory that you can customize from paper guest towels for bathroom is the dispenser. Slightly different from paper towels holder, paper towel dispenser is able to provide a new paper towel automatically after the previous sheet was torn off or pulled out. Not to worry, this kind of paper towel accessory is usually manufactured in various models and colors as well. So you can definitely make your bathroom fancier, appealing and healthy, of course.

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Paper hand towels for bathrooms are good choice for you, not only to clean your hands after washing them, but also to beautify your bathroom outlook.