Keys To Create Spa like Bathroom Designs

When you begin to plan your spa-like bathroom designs, you’ll first need to determine a budget, since there is no end to the selection and cost of luxury fixtures and accessories. Then you’ll need to start with a smart design that will ensure the space you plan will satisfy you in the long-term. Once your budget and design have been determined than you can have fun exploring all your product and accessory options.

Helpful List of Spa-like Bathroom Designs

These are a helpful list of design considerations to help you create a spa-like master bath:

Blue Spa BathroomBlue Spa Bathroom

An extra deep soaking tub, air bath or jetted hot tub so you can fully immerse yourself in warm, soothing water. If you prefer showers to baths than you can create a custom shower that combines a series of showerheads and body sprays mounted on the walls and ceilings to give you an invigorating massage.

Most shower systems come with an electronic control that will allow you to preset sprays, temperature, music, steam and water use, so you can enjoy a highly personalized therapeutic experience. New construction is the perfect to time to add radiant heated flooring, so you’ll always be warm and toasty after your bath or shower. And don’t forget the heated towel racks.

Home Spa DesignsHome Spa Designs

If you like taking a long hot shower then a steam-free mirror is the perfect accessory. These mirrors automatically turn on with the lights, so you don’t even need to flick a switch.

Luxury Bathroom ItemsLuxury Bathroom Items

Choose materials and finishes that enhance the overall look of your space, but also provide lifetime value. Combining natural stone, metals, glass and handcrafted tiles creates not only a stunning appeal, but also one that is durable. Glass is also growing in popularity for sinks, floors, countertops, toilet enclosures and glass walls around showers because it provides a sleek and eye-catching alternative to traditional materials.

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Consider a dressing area or connect a walk-in closet to both the bathroom and the bedroom. Elegant vessel sinks and faucets accented by lighting and stylish vanities are a gorgeous alternative to traditional bath cabinets and contribute to your opulent design.

For a little music and entertainment, you can opt for waterproof controls and speakers that bring music directly into the shower or incorporate a flat screen TV into your wall or vanity design.

The Key Elements of Spa-like Bathroom Designs

You can choose any theme or color scheme your heart desires, but these are a few of the key elements to consider when designing your own spa retreat.

Spa Decor BathroomSpa Decor Bathroom

Bathroom Design Element #1: Uniformity between the materials. Settle with one cabinet style and color, dark espresso colors can be very spa-like, one floor material such as travertine, one backsplash material, which can be the same material that was used on the floor, and a style that flows throughout the room. An example of a bathroom without uniformity is one where there are contrasting dark and light cabinets.

Bathroom Design Element #2: Harmony between each of the different materials selected. If there are too many different things going on at once, there is chaos. There can be some contrast between the cabinetry and flooring materials to create a subtle definition, but there should be a feeling of harmony throughout the bathroom.

White Black Marble BathroomWhite Black Marble Bathroom

Bathroom Design Element #3: Openness in the bathroom. The room should not feel cramped or awkward. Nothing should be jutting out at a sharp angle. Again, the bathroom should flow from one station to another.

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Bathroom Design Element #4: Flow from the doorway to each of the stations in the room. You should be able to walk into the space and purposefully accomplish the task you came to do: the sink and toilet should be nearest the door while the wet areas are further into the room, for example.

Bathroom Design Element #5: Use of organic elements. Use natural materials and organic shapes throughout your spa retreat to enhance relaxation and melt away stress. Soft, curved lines work very well to create a stress-free atmosphere.

Wooden Spa-like DesignWooden Spa-like Design

No matter what your style or theme, spa-like bathroom designs should be relaxing and rejuvenating. Use these helpful things and keys to guide you in choosing the materials and colors in your bathroom and to get the most out of your spa experience. Feel the stress melt away as you relax in your spa-like bathroom retreat.