Divine Design Bathrooms

Divine design bathrooms firstly introduced by Candice Olson. Divine Design is a Canadian interior design show produced by Fusion Television which airs on W Network in Canada and HGTV in the United States. It is broadcast on Thursdays, 9pm and is hosted by Candice Olson, one of Canada’s top designers. In the show, Olson heads a team of artisans and skilled laborers that includes Paul Daly (carpenter), Lorne Hogan (carpenter), Chico Garcia (electrician), Edmond Joseph (teamster), Terry Edward Briceland (Teamster) and Andrew Downward (painter). The half-hour show features Olson’s step-by-step interior redesign of a client’s living space mixed with campy comedy shorts before each commercial break.

Throughout the program, Candice chooses a handful of specific pieces or techniques to highlight. She refers to her “elevations” and room illustrations to help guide viewers through her vision. Candice often dislikes matching furniture sets, which she calls “matchy, matchy.” For example, she will often choose two very different looking nightstands for a bedroom. Candice prefers to use recessed lighting in almost all cases, using spotlights to highlight artwork or other focal points.

Bathroom in Divine DesignBathroom in Divine Design

The Ways to Create Divine Design Bathrooms

However, you can create your own divine design baths without you must wait Candice Olson comes to your house. The important key to make your bathroom into divine design is to change your bathroom into extravagant and unpredictable style. Here are some decorating ideas and suggestions for accessorizing your bathroom into a wonderful bathroom:

• Bathroom furnishings can contribute to the divine design of your bathroom. It includes textile accessories which you must cautiously choose. Make consideration to the design, color, shape, and fabric. Some of these items are bath robes, aspect towels, bath and hand towels, rugs, and mats.

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Candice Olson BathCandice Olson Bath

• In bathroom furniture, the items under this class are mirrors, storage boxes or cabinets, bath tub, vanities, bathroom sinks, shower head, and enclosures. Remember, you mustiness make sure to buy these things based on the available space in your bathroom. For example, if your space is limited, then just use the vanity as a place for sink as well as storage. It’s so much better to get the exact dimensions of your bathroom before you go out to shop. In addition, see to it that patterns and color that you will choose will complement the other bath accessories, walls, and floors. You can also choose for designer pieces that only require little space, these pieces will produce contemporary bathrooms that looks very fashionable yet do not cost that much.

• Accessories for the bathroom. If you want to turn your traditional space to something more modish, be creative with using bath accessories. Put baskets, brush holder, toothbrush holder, basket, and liquid dispenser in the right places. You can buy these in sets with the same patterns and color. In this way, it is easier for you to match them up, but if you are a kind of brave person, you are enable to choose mismatch sets to reveal the extravagant points of your bathroom.

Divine Design BathroomDivine Design Bathroom

• Improve your dreary bathroom by adding some color splash through the use of the right imbues of paint, on the walls and cabinets. Generally, picture is one of the easiest ways to remodel a room. It is also not expensive and will make spectacular changes instantly.

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For the last words on bathroom decor, below are some concluding tips: just work on one theme or motif only, every piece of accessory doesn’t have to be expensive. Instead, blend together the pricey items and the cheap ones, add storage vanity especially if the space is limited, this will make organizing your bathroom simpler; strive to keep your bathroom clean. In doing so, you will make it always fresh looking.

Finally, use these bathroom decorating ideas to make your bathroom always looking good as well as attractive and get divine design bathrooms on your own.