Extravagant Wall Decor For Bathrooms

Wall decor for bathrooms is a way to make your bathroom look wonderful and unique. However, to get the uniqueness, you need to do something wonderful so that you will get a different result from other bathroom.

Contemporary Bathroom Wall Art Murals DecorationContemporary Bathroom Wall Art Murals Decoration

The Ways to Create Extravagant Wall Decor for Bathrooms

Cool Digitar Bathroom Wallpaper DesignCool Digitar Bathroom Wallpaper Design

The first way to get a brand new look bathroom is by hanging a framed mirror on a wall adjacent to a window to reflect light into the bathroom and give it a spacious feel. Hang swag of artificial flowers above the mirror to add color to the room. Mirrors will create an illusion of more space it really helps open up a small bathroom. Vanity mirrors are great for applying makeup, plucking eyebrows, or just examining your skin up close and personal. Wall mirrors are also a sophisticated choice to get an amazing bathroom. You can also create a focal point by hanging artwork that coordinates with the mirror’s style. If the mirror has a frame, so should the artwork. If the mirror has clean edges, hang artwork such as 3-dimensional wall sculptures or hand-painted unframed tiles. 3-dimensional wallpaper mural art is also a good choice to come a real accent to your bathroom wall.

Luxury Bathroom Decorations IdeasLuxury Bathroom Decorations Ideas

Another way to create more space in a bathroom that may be lacking it is with shelves and hooks. It’s a great way to solve your space dilemmas. Shelves and hooks help organize endless bathroom items like hair dryers, razors, lotions and other items as well as serve as a way to display pictures, candles, bath salts and much more. Hooks are great for hanging towels, robes or decorative items.

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Modern Wall Decor DesignModern Wall Decor Design

Install wooden corner shelves sealed with waterproof stain in narrow corners that need a burst of color. It is recommended to place small bathroom-related knickknacks on the shelves, such as a dish of decorative soap or a porcelain figurine. Then, you can install small sconce lights on side of wall art, a mirror or built-in cabinetry to brighten the bathroom.

Sun Bathroom Wall DecorSun Bathroom Wall Decor

Mount a decorative storage shelf on the wall of a small bathroom to increase linen storage. Top the shelf with a decorative silk floral arrangement or series of vases that complement the bathroom colors. Then you may place an ornate towel rack on the wall to increase storage for linens. Choose a decorative rack that complements the bathroom’s curtain rods, shower rod or fixtures.

There are also fun, useful items like towel warmers to pamper yourself a little more. There are classic and contemporary styles of decor. Most items come in ceramic, glass or stainless steel.

Wall Bathroom DecorationWall Bathroom Decoration

Toilet tissue holders aren’t just for holding toilet paper. Today they come in many beautiful styles to complement your bathroom wall. Soap dishes keep yucky soapy water off of the counters. Go a step further with a soap dispenser. It keeps things clean and keeps the soap off of the counter. There are also lotion dispensers so you won’t have to have large unsightly bottles on the countertops. Simply refill you dispenser and keep the lotion in a cupboard.

Wall Decor for Bathroom IdeaWall Decor for Bathroom Idea

Decorative bathroom wall clocks are among the most likable accessories for the bathroom wall. Clocks in the past have the ordinary look and design. It simply functions to give time and inform people seeing it about time. Right now, clocks function evolves and are now regarded as fashion accessories or decorative accessories.

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Purple Pattern Wall DecorPurple Pattern Wall Decor

Wall decor for bathrooms is not only about painting and wallpaper, you can combine all items above to get a wonderful bathroom outlook.