Finding The Best Wall Mirrors For Bathrooms

Mirrors are great for reflecting open space, but be mindful of what your mirror is reflecting back into the room. Make sure your mirror is reflecting something back that is pleasing to the eye such as soft candle light, a great silk floral arrangement or framed artwork. There are many types of mirrors, but wall mirrors for bathrooms are still be popular choice nowadays.

Wall mirrors can be so popular because they can give functional, friendly and inviting accents to a bathroom. However, you should remember to keep it all in proportion so you can get an extravagant bathroom look. Nowadays wall mirrors come in various shapes, colors and types. They are also made from various materials. The choice entirely depends on your taste and the overall design concept of the bathroom to be redecorated.

Decorative Bathroom Wall MirrorsDecorative Bathroom Wall Mirrors

Why You Must Choose Wall Mirrors for Bathrooms?

Bathroom wall mirrors are one of the simplest ways to decorate the walls of the bathroom. You can try to browse the flea markets to find a collection of beautiful mirrors with antique frames in metals like bronze and steel. Mirrors with scalloped edges, filigree detailed frames and frames with sequins and beads all work well as wall decorations. It is suggested to avoid using cheap plastic framed mirrors for this project.

Double Round Bathroom Wall MirrorDouble Round Bathroom Wall Mirror

For the best results paint the bathroom wall on which you are going to hang the mirrors in a deep earthy hue like terracotta, tan or rust. When grouping different sized mirrors, you need not aim for symmetry as grouping unsymmetrical and different shaped mirrors will give a more interesting and dramatic look. It is true, the decorative bathroom wall mirrors are offered in a great variety of shapes, types of styles. For instance, you can choose among wooden framed bathroom mirrors, chrome plated framed bathroom mirror, even heated bathroom mirror and bathroom mirrors with LED backlighting.

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Extraordinary Mirror for BathroomExtraordinary Mirror for Bathroom

There are, in general, two basic wall bathroom mirror styles. They are a modern one and a classic, traditional approach. The contemporary style makes use of wall bathroom mirrors look elegantly thin, simple metallic frames, in various colors, often chrome plated but generally not ornate. The classic approach calls for bathroom wall mirrors with rather heavy frames, as a rule wooden or wrought iron, often heavily decorated in various styles. But in any case mirrors of both types are always elegantly crafted; among them one can meet true masterpieces that would look great on the walls of your redecorated bathroom, adding extra light and space to its design.

Hexagonal Bathroom MirrorHexagonal Bathroom Mirror

Sleek and elegant wall mirrors can improve the feeling of extra dimension not only to your bathroom but to a hallway also. Another great option for a wall bathroom mirror would be a lighted wall mirror, which represents a frameless or an elegantly framed glass with up to eight halogen lights arranged at both sides. Halogen lights will add additional brightness to a brisk modern bathroom design – their popularity is constantly increasing.

Do not forget trying to make use of the oval mirrors. Their interesting feature is a possibility to be fixed both in vertical and horizontal ways, adding to the overall decorative effect.

Round Wall MirrorRound Wall Mirror

Online shops provide for the easiest and most budget-wise efficient way to select and purchase a perfect wall mirror for redecoration of your bathroom. You will be sure to find wall mirrors for bathrooms in all possible types, styles, sizes, and shapes, framed and frameless. What is important to remember is the careful measurement of the available space in your bathroom with a measuring tape, and then checking up the dimensions specks of the wall mirror that has caught your eye. The mirror’s dimensions should fit into the available space.

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