Travertine Tile Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom is a private place that can help you to get a high selling point when you have a plan to sell your house one day. However, to make a beautiful bathroom is not an easy thing, it needs effort to make it real.

One way to make your bathroom shiny and look elegant is by installing travertine tile in your bathroom. Travertine tile is known as its versatility and luxury. It will give you a totally look changing to your bathroom.

travertine tile floor for beautiful large bathroom

What is Travertine Tile?

In the simplest of terms, travertine tile is a limestone, but actually, it is more than just that. It is a form of limestone formed by supersaturated water found in hot springs. Some of the best examples of it in the US found in Yellowstone, also found around the world in places like Italy, Turkey, Croatia and numerous other locations.

Travertine Tile Bathroom Glass Mosaic

The use of travertine tile is not a new thing. It was used as far back as the Roman Empire to build both bathhouses and basilicas. It has been used in more modern times to build some notable structures. It was used in the former Sears Tower, the first floor of the medical center at UCLA and even the Toronto-Dominion Centre.

Nowadays, travertine tile is being the number one choice for bathroom tiling because it is versatile, durable and elegant looking. Travertine tiles that are installed properly can be long lasting and will not crack easily. Though it can be quite expensive for people with low budgets, it is definitely a comfortable and reasonably price to pay for, considering it can improve aesthetic value to your home.

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Types of Travertine Tile

travertine tile bathroom color

There are four different styles or finishes that you can choose from travertine tiles. Each one of them has unique character, which can give different touch to your bathroom.

The first type is polished travertine tile. It is the most flat and shiny piece of tile, hence its surface is highly reflective and smooth. It is one of the best quality of travertine tiles because polished tiles are only made from the hardest travertine and they are almost stain resistant. However, this type also has negative effect, it is totally not a good choice for bathroom flooring, especially for family with children and elderly, because polished travertine tile is very slippery when it is wet.

The second type is filled and honed travertine tile. It is as smooth and flat as the previous type, but it is not as shiny. Instead, they are more of a matte finish. In the manufacturing process, most holes and pores of this natural stone are filled. This makes them more resilient to stains and thus less maintenance is required. Though it does not look glossy, it is still slippery when it is wet.

The third type is tumbled travertine tile. It has a decorative style with rounded edges that is available in various sizes and colors, usually this tile is left unfilled after the tumbling process, and this gave it a rustic colors. Due to its rough surface, they are great for bathroom floors.

The last type is chiseled and brushed travertine tile. It is similar to tumbled tiles, only that the sides of these tiles are chiseled away providing it a highly classical and antiquated look.

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Ideas for travertine tile in bathroom

Travertine Tile Bathroom Wall

Travertine tile is extremely great for giving a luxury and elegant look to your bathroom. However, not all types of travertine tiles can be applied in your bathroom. you have to consider the texture to get the best look.

For example, if you want to use travertine tile for your bathroom floor, you have to consider if you want to use polished and filled travertine tiles because they tend to be slippery when they are wet. You can install polished travertine tiles for bathroom wall tiles and countertops because they are shiny.

Other travertine tile bathroom ideas relate to the colors that you must choose for your bathroom. You can find various options that allow you to keep only one color throughout the entire bathroom. As well, you are able to use various colors for walls, floorings, and countertops. However, keep in mind that using more than two colors might be disturbing to the eye. One other thing you should know is travertine tile comes in big pieces, so if you need small pieces to fit various areas, you must cut them with a tile cutter.

light travertine tiles for bathroom wall

You also have to consider this thing before you decide to use travertine tile for your bathroom floor. As we know, bathroom floor will always full of water and it can make bathroom floor tile to be moisture and then crack easily. Many worry that travertine can be porous and can become damaged easily when substances will penetrate the stone. Travertine tiles are porous and they will have to be sealed. As we know, travertine tiles have different styles with different finishes, this will make a difference when installing them as bathroom floor tiles. Sealant should be applied according to the manufacturers guidelines and always seek as much advice as you can, travertine bathroom floor tiles will also need to be resealed after a set amount of time and this should be checked as any tiles not sealed correctly, will be in danger of becoming damaged.

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Travertine Ceramic Bathroom Wall Tiles

Travertine tile is exactly good for your bathroom floor, but it also works really well for your bathroom wall and countertops. Travertine also can be used around sink and bath surrounds.

Well, those ideas of travertine tiles hopefully can enlighten your mind to beautify your bathroom. Get ready to have a luxurious bathroom with travertine tiles!